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Weighted Baby Dolls

What do you consider before buying a doll? Is it the appearance, the quality and the person who it is for? For doll collectors and doll lovers alike, doll makers have recently made baby dolls to imitate a real baby with weighted baby dolls. At Paradise Galleries, a large variety of weighted baby dolls are available and they are extra special because of their excellent craftsmanship, absolutely captivating charm, cuteness and the sizes of most dolls which are just about the same as that of an actual living baby. Weighted baby dolls are made as such in order to give more life to the baby doll as one holds them in his or her arms. Weighted baby dolls available at Paradise Galleries include the Tall Dreams Ensemble, Hoot Hoot baby doll, Hugs and Kisses doll, Baby Cuddlebug, Sock Monkey Business and This Little Piggy, among others.

In doll makers’ quest to realism, aside from mimicking the weight of the real living baby, baby dolls at the Paradise Galleries are crafted to have intricate faces displaying realistic expressions that will surely captivate our hearts grab our emotions. Personal baby items also come with some of the dolls such as the pink outfit, bib, baby burpie and magic milk bottle of the Tall Dreams Ensemble baby; the owl plushy of the Hoot Hoot baby; the Lady bug appliquéd jacket of Baby Cuddlebug; and the adorable dress topped with a cute bow of the Hugs and Kisses doll.

Most weighted baby dolls at Paradise Galleries are made of cloth bodies with vinyl limbs, meaning that utmost care must be given just as one would give a living baby. Also, since each doll is indeed one of a kind, it would be a doll collector’s dream to own one of each of these weighted baby dolls, especially since most of them come in a pretty collector’s box and doll lovers would be happy to know that some of these dolls even come with their own birth certificate where owners could name them as their own!

You may be a doll collector, a doll lover or even a parent who is captivated by the innocence and charm of these baby dolls. Either way, you wouldn’t be disappointed in purchasing one of these dolls – just wait till you cradle them in your arms!