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vinyl baby dolls


Vinyl Baby Dolls

Shopping for vinyl baby dolls? Paradise Galleries is the best place to look. Our gallery is full of beautiful and unique vinyl dolls, as well as dolls made from the finest of Bisque Porcelain and resin. We sell fashion dolls, baby dolls, toy dolls, children’s dolls, angels, fairy dolls, and bride dolls. We also are the number one source for any type of doll accessory you might be looking for. Our doll collections are also numerous and fantastic.

Paradise Galleries sells dolls of a variety of product types; however, we are especially proud of our vinyl dolls. We sell vinyl baby dolls, vinyl children’s dolls, vinyl fashion dolls, fairies, brides, angels, and more. Our vinyl dolls are created using two types of high quality vinyl. We use the Gentle Touch™ Vinyl, which gives our dolls a soft and life-like look and feel. We also offer our exclusive Caressalyn™ Vinyl, which is an excellent substitute for porcelain, as it looks similar to porcelain, but is actually more resilient.

Our vinyl baby dolls include adorable bundles of joy like “Whoo’s that Cutie?!”, “Lil’ Jingle Bell”, and “Madelyn Grace”. As mentioned above, we also sell vinyl children’s dolls. These include unique creations like “Faith”, “Lil’ Cowgirl”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, or “Future Football Star” for that special football fan in your life. Our vinyl doll selection also includes the entire Penny Brite collection.

Paradise Galleries was established almost 20 years ago. For the past 2 decades, we have served as the leading supplier of high quality dolls. In fact, our dolls are of such fine quality, that they are known throughout the doll community to be more than just dolls or collector items; they’re items of priceless heirloom value. Paradise Galleries has maintained our exceptional reputation by keeping our acceptance standards high. Not just any doll can make it into our gallery; only the ones that pass our high acceptance standards can be deemed a ‘Paradise doll’.

Our website, is the EASIEST and most entertaining place to shop for dolls and other doll products. We have organized our products into categories such as: artist, brand, size, price, occasion, and other convenient groups. We also have a simple search option at the top of the page that makes finding that perfect doll even easier.

We warmly welcome you to come visit us today! We guarantee that you will not only find the most amazing vinyl baby dolls you could ever imagine, you will also discover a joyful doll paradise.