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Here at Paradise Galleries, our tiny dolls collection says “right you are!” to the saying, “big things come in small packages”. These tiny dolls are indeed miniature in size at only 3 inches in size! However, tiny as they may seem, the ability to charm the hearts of their potential owners are not to be taken lightly. These little darlings come in different styles of cuteness. Some tiny dolls come with a shoe as their home and some come in sets of three. Others have pretty little wings on their backs, or fishtails and others are wrapped in a heap of fur. There are dolls in pretty children’s clothes and there are dolls with pretty curls and ringlets of hair bouncing upon their shoulders. Several dolls come with their own personal package – including pillows, clothes and baby accessories, while several you can even name!

Take for example the dolls created by Laura – Lee Eagles named the Peapod Nursery Doll collection and the ABC is for cute doll. These tiny dolls are approximately seven inches long from head to toe with their tiny bodies made of weighted cloth material, making them feel that almost like the real thing. The Peapod Nursery infant dolls’ bodies are also composed of tiny pellets that make the doll’s body form in your hand. All of these tiny dolls come with their very own set of belongings wrapped in a pretty gift box. The ABC is for cute doll comes with his very own baby pillow, patchwork blanket, wooden toy blocks, a removable pacifier and clothes. Peapod Nursery Pretty in Pink doll also comes with her own package which includes a blanket, a pillow, clothes, a bear plushy, slippers, a pacifier and a diaper. Also from the Peapod Nursery collection, Lil’ Boy Blue will be bringing to his future home his blanket, pillow, a three piece outfit, his favorite bunny blanket, socks, a pacifier and his diaper. Peopod Nursery’s Lil’ Ducky arrives with his own blanket, pillow, clothes, a pacifier, diaper and of course, his little ducky plushy.

The best part of it all is that if you buy any of the dolls mentioned above, you can choose a name for your new tiny doll and place it on the attached Nursery Certificate – just like naming your own live baby. How exciting is that?! Purchase now and christen the tiny dolls as your own!

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