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Tiny Baby Dolls


Are you looking for a more adorable kind of baby dolls to charm you and your loved ones? Or perhaps you are looking for some great gifts to give to that special person. Whatever your reason is, we know that you are looking for some uniquely cute tiny baby dolls that will certainly command attention! Why not try a different take on choosing baby dolls, and try the super adorable tiny baby dolls?

Here at Paradise Galleries, you will find the biggest and most remarkable collection of baby dolls to touch your soul and inspire you, and our collection includes cute tiny baby dolls! Make playtime even more fun and enjoyable as well as making your baby doll collection more adorable and cute by adding these miniature baby dolls!

Our very own Peapod Nursery doll collection might be the most charming and heart melting dolls you will ever lay your eyes upon! Meet Peapod “Nursery Lil’ Ducky,” a truly stunning little beauty with a peaceful face while sleeping, this cutie will definitely touch anyone’s heart. This darling doll isdressed in atwo piece knit jersey outfit, she also comes with a matching hat and slippers, blanket, pillow, bear, pacifier and a diaper. The baby has a soft light blonde wig and adorable little lashes. She is also fully poseable.

Another adorably cute Peapod Nursery doll is“Lil’ Boy Blue!”. Outfitted in a very soft blue two piece outfit and a matching hat, he will surely steal your heart! With his really charming and dazzling smile in his very adorably expressive face, you certainly will not be able to resist this little boy in blue! He also comes with a blanket, pillow, a bunny blankie, socks, pacifier and diaper. We also have a stunning baby girl! Check out the very enchanting “Peapod Nursery Pretty in Pink.” This little darling outfitted in a very dainty two piece outfit in a lovely shade of pink also comes with her very own blanket, pillow, slippers and diapers, so playtime is guaranteed to be big fun!

Come and see our truly delightful tiny baby dolls now! The Peapod Nursery dolls are all fully poseable with weighted cloth bodies, artistically crafted in high quality resin. For a delightful and truly heart melting gift idea, the Peapod babies come gently tucked in an artistic and pretty gift box with a special Peapod Nursery certificate. You can also name your Peapod baby personally with a name that has a specialmeaning for you! So what are you waiting for? Reward yourself now or make someone happy with these tiny baby dolls that can give anyone great delight!

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