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The American Doll

Are you looking for the American doll that will fit your liking and preference? Or the American doll that is just one of its kind, stylish and expressive looking? Have you seen so many American dolls but none of them seem to draw you and speak up to you? Then you are in the perfect place!

Paradise Galleries is proud to present you our very wide collection of different American dolls. May it be a baby, young lady or fashion dolls you are looking for, be assured that you will find them all here. Browse our gallery of dolls now and let yourself be drunk by our dolls’ beauty and charms and then choose the American doll that draws you on that is just perfect for you.

Come and see our very own “Tender Heart” collection, a collection that includes sweet and endearing little girls who have loving hearts! Meet Sophia, a tender hearted girl dressed in light blue leggings with a ¾ length hot pink shirt that is topped off with a cropped denim jacket! The triple heart appliqué on the jacket lets us know that she’s definitely a Tender Heart Girl and will take loving care of her cute plush puppy pal. Her silky blonde hair is accented with a red ribbon. Like her, Emma, a cute brown haired little girl is dressed in denim jeans and an olive and lime green stripped shirt embroidered with an orange heart. Her beautiful hair is made even more pretty with an adorable yellow headband. There are also Isabella and Olivia, the equally endearing little girls that comes with their own puppies as well. They are perfect for a slumber party for your girl and her girlies!

If you are looking for the American doll that is perfect for your stylish kids, you could try getting The Groovy collection. A blonde beauty is dressed in three different groovy outfits in the fashion of the good old sixties. With these ensembles, she will surely bring an air of vibrancy! "Flower Power" is a far out polyester mini-dress complete with matching hair scarf and knee high white go-go boots. "MOD" is straight from the swinging boutiques in London, a lipstick pink metallic knit mini-dress with pink fishnet stockings and pumps. "Paisley" is wearing a hip two-piece brown faux suede cape and bell bottom pants accented with a paisley orange sleeveless shirt, gold ring belt and brown boots.

All of the Paradise American dolls are painted, crafted and sculpted to perfection just to give you nothing but the best quality and designs for every doll that you purchase but with such affordable prices. You can be assured that your perfect American doll is just right here, waiting for you!