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Sleeping Baby Doll

When little ones start to yawn and their eyes become heavy with sleepiness, it is a cherished moment for many people, watching the innocent angels start to dream. Moments like these never get old and never lose their charm. But you do not have to be a parent to have your very own sleeping angel, Paradise Galleries is here for you, brining you high quality sleeping baby dolls that is so real you will instantly fall in love!

At the home of the best dolls around the world, you will find a wide variety of loveable baby dolls which includes every charming sleeping baby doll you could dream of!

Start your beautiful sleepy doll journey with Paradise Galleries’ award winning crowd favorite, “Bundle of Joy”. At first glance, you might think that this sleepy beauty was modeled after an angel, but in closer look, he is just a young one that is probably tired after playing the day away. His beautiful features will impress you with very realistic looks, like his adorable closed eyes, slightly open mouth that gives him a look that is too cute for words. “Bundle of Joy” is sleeping in his favorite outfit, a warm and comfortable pastel pink, teddy bear print two-piece jersey newborn nursery onesie.

Another sleeping baby doll that you can reward yourself with is “Beautiful Blessings”! She truly proves that most blessings come in simply and quietly through our hearts. This pretty girl is beautiful in her own way with a very adorable expressive face that shows she’s dreaming sweetly and plump arms where her cute little head is resting. Have more of an amusing time while this lil’ one is sleeping, with the cuddliest darling in town, “Baby Cottontail”! She is dressed in a striped jersey knit balloon one piece with a cute kitten face on it, complete with tiny cottontail and ruffled bum. Now that’s just too cute!

These little sleepy ones really prove that a sleeping baby doll can bring fun and excitement too, as much as wide- eyed baby dolls. Not only are they perfect in appearance but in quality too! Looking so soft and gentle on the outside, they are tough and durable in the inside and they can last for countless years, forever beautiful, forever yours - sleeping angels! Reward yourself today and get one now!