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Are you looking for a baby doll that can make you feel like you are actually holding and playing with a real infant? A baby doll that is most realistic that will make you feel love and tenderness? If that is so, you will find it nowhere but here in Paradise Galleries!

We are proud to present you the most unforgettable collection of dolls ever, our very own collection of award winning reborn baby dolls all ready to give warmth to your spirit and stir your heart. All of our very realistic baby dolls are painted and sculpted to perfection and they have to pass our very own meticulous standards just to achieve the heart melting lifelike and realistic looks they all have now. They are also costumed in the most exquisite and charming outfits that are playful, fun, colorful and precious to give joy to children and doll lovers.

Hugs and Kisses is one of our new charming cuties to enchant and warm your heart. She is the perfect picture of a blooming little beauty as her round blue eyes stares at the space ,or perhaps at you, with her soft and sweet looking little mouth and blushed cheek that looks so natural and pretty. Her hair, that is hand rooted, is a soft and silky light blonde that only adds to her fair beauty. She is charmingly costumed in a preemie size floral print one-piece and a coordinating silk ribbon to adorn her hair. This little cutie is also a weighted baby so she does not only look so real, she also feels just like a real infant!

If you want strolling around or travelling to be sweeter and more playful, we have the ensemble Going to Grandma’s! A dazzling little cutie is dressed and more than ready to go out and see places with you! This bubbly beauty has a finely sculpted features and hand painted details like the blue eyes that look so exquisite and seem to be twinkling. The adorable baby is outfitted in pink top and hot pink pajamas topped off with a coordinating satin and lace headband. The ensemble also includes a very adorable cuddle carry-all with two front pockets, a baby diaper, a baby bottle and blanket, all complete for one fun filled journey with baby!

If you are looking for a very realistic baby boy, you will also find one here at Paradise Galleries! Check out our very own Baby Boy Ensemble, yet another ensemble to fill your world with fun and colors! You will surely be fascinated with this little cutie smiling right at you so sweetly as he waits for you in the comforts of his colorful cuddle carry with fun polka dots details. The ensemble also includes 6 piece outfit, and a fleece blanket. He will surely bring a new light to your home the moment you take him there!

The inspirations for our baby dolls are drawn from the everyday life, love and humor so you will find comfort as well in them. They are also affordable with the quality like no other. So what are you waiting for? Talk to one of our experts today and have the doll to give you an unequaled happiness!