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Reborn Baby Doll


Deserve a perfect reborn baby doll? Of course you do! Paradise Galleries is the place to find it. Our gallery has hundreds of dolls to choose from. We also have fun doll accessories, playsets, figurines, trinkets, and more. Our dolls have ruled the doll industry since our establishment close to 20 years ago. We have the reputation as the number one provider of high quality dolls and doll products. Our team consists of the industry’s most talented artists, sculptors, and designers. It’s simple: We love dolls! Our dedication shows in our attention to detail and our passion shines through the heartwarming faces of each of our beautiful doll creations. In order to be included in the Paradise gallery, a doll must be the best-of-the-best. Not just any doll can pass our rigid and meticulous standards; only a doll that screams perfection can be a Paradise doll.

The perfect reborn baby doll is hard to find. In order to look truly life like, each step of the reborning process must be conducted with calculated care and precision. Paradise artists and sculptors use high quality molds and paints when creating their dolls. The limbs are weighted to ensure that the doll will have a weight that is comparable to an actual infant. The hair and eyebrows of each Paradise reborn baby doll are painstakingly hand stitched strand-by-strand. The result of such patient and meticulous attention to detail are reborn babies that are stunningly lifelike and cuddly.

Paradise Galleries also has a wide variety of other types of dolls to choose from. We have play dolls, collectible dolls, and fashion dolls. We also have magical fairies, gorgeous brides, and breathtaking angels throughout our gallery. If you are looking for the largest selection of multicultural dolls, we have that too. From Asian dolls, Native American dolls, African American dolls, and Hispanic dolls, we have every heritage covered.

You will find that our extensive online gallery is easy to navigate and that finding the perfect Paradise doll is a simple and fun task. You can choose to shop by price, artist, occasion, size, or other categories. Interesting information about each of our artists is also easy to find on our website. Each member of the Paradise team is a fellow doll lover, including our friendly customer care representatives. One of these representatives would be delighted to help you with your order, so call today!