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Realistic Newborn Baby Dolls

Baby dolls have always been favorite companions, playmates and even friends since they were first made. But now, a baby doll can not be just the simple one. As the world gets modernized every time, we also need a better and enhanced baby doll that can cause everyone much greater happiness and delight in so many ways.

Look no further for a delightful, well crafted and realistic newborn baby doll. Paradise Galleries presents you with pleasure our wide collection of realistic baby dolls that will surely touch any person’s heart. Let your heart melt with the sight of our realistic newborn baby dolls in different faces and dresses. All of these delightful baby dolls are equal when it comes to their high qualities and soft skin and body. They are made of our GentleTouch vinyl or Carresalyn vinyl that are just the best in the market and afterwards have gone through a careful and strict process to achieve the lifelike features and texture of their faces. They are painted exquisitely as well with the slight infant’s blush and light colored and glossy lips that will surely make you go get them and embrace them lovingly. The baby dolls’ eyes are so realistic that they seem to be calling out for you. With these lifelike features, they are certain to be dear ones to embrace and cuddle with.

Aside from the features that are just perfectly lifelike, you will also be surprised and charmed with the large collection of newborn baby dolls you can find at Paradise Galleries. Because we know how every one differs from tastes and preferences, we have huge selections of baby dolls in different types and kinds. There are the gentle and sleeping baby dolls that are so perfect to give to mothers like the realistic ball jointed Bundle of Joy and the Mousey Baby dolls that are sure to inspire fascination with their peaceful visages, or if you want your doll to look like you, we have a wide selection of baby dolls in different cultures and kinds like the Asian baby dolls, Native Indian American baby dolls, Hispanic baby dolls and many more.

A realistic newborn doll also proves to make people’s solitude and loneliness fade away. For someone that is feeling down, you could give her a realistic newborn doll like Bunny Love baby doll that is pretty and enchanting in pastel pink one piece sleep wear with a pink silk ribbon and hood that has bunny ears or the cute and yawning Sleepy Frog baby doll and watch your friend smile again while taking care and cuddling with her new realistic newborn doll.

Realistic newborn dolls can be useful to everyone in so many ways. They are companions, friends, listeners and playmates so it is an investment having one. But Paradise Galleries baby dolls are so affordable but expect to get a doll with the best quality. So what are you waiting for? Our newborn dolls are just waiting for you to take them home!