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Realistic Baby Dolls


Nothing else will give you the greatest sense of bliss and enjoyment than a realistic baby doll can. Realistic baby dolls can be wonderful delights to everyone; such fresh- faced darlings symbolizing new life and a fresh start. A realistic little baby can be the darling that you have been waiting to cuddle with at night, to be silly with at playful moments, and to be the baby that will make you fall head over heels in love with. Realistic baby dolls can give you a unique kind of enjoyment and that is why dolls can be rare gems. You are at the right place now to find your perfect realistic baby doll at Paradise Galleries!



Paradise Galleries has an endless variety of life-like sweetie pie babies smiling at you adoringly with affection. With their realistic features, you will find yourself enthralled and instantly connected to these dreamy darlings.


‘Dream BIG’ with ‘Tall Dreams Ensemble’ doll, this bundle of charm and gentle beauty sure knows what it takes to make you exceptionally happy, with her admiring round eyes that look at you with eagerness. She comes with some many fun accessories; a Giraffe appliquéd jacket, a pair of booties, bib, baby burpie, a baby bottle that empties magically when tipped in the babies mouth, giving you the feeling you are taking care of her!


Good times will never be over with the most desirable darling, ‘Happy Teddy’ doll! This crowd- favorite has proven to be irresistible and hard to let go of, she will surely capture your heart! When you hear her bib playing ‘’Rock-a-Bye-Baby’’ to you at night, you will realize how much you truly love her. Another realistic baby doll is ‘Bundle of Joy’, a truly heaven- sent sweetie; she can make you feel cheerful in the blink of an eye, for she is the little one who has the face of an angel. She comes with ten points of articulation for a more enjoyable playtime!


Experience real happiness now with your own Paradise Galleries realistic baby doll!