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Realistic Boy Baby Doll, Sleepy Frog, 20 inch Weighted Baby in Vinyl
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  • Realistic Boy Baby Doll, Sleepy Frog, 20 inch Weighted Baby in Vinyl
  • Realistic Boy Baby Doll, Sleepy Frog, 20 inch Weighted Baby in Vinyl
  • Realistic Boy Baby Doll, Sleepy Frog, 20 inch Weighted Baby in Vinyl
  • Realistic Boy Baby Doll, Sleepy Frog, 20 inch Weighted Baby in Vinyl

Baby Carly


Teddy Bear Twin – Aidan

Sleepy Frog

by Michelle Fagan

31 reviews 0 5 4.9
SKU: 21002200
He’s the baby boy you’ve always wanted! Giving out a big and adorable yawn, he is tired from the day’s play. But just wait, because the next day, he will surely be a restless and mischievous playmate! Costumed in a polka dotted one piece outfit with a coordinating silly frog hat, he is the only frog worth boasting about! He comes with a musical chip in his bib that plays “Rock a Bye Baby”!

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He's the baby boy you've always wanted! Indeed very green, but he is not one to envy! Rather this little one will surely be the envy among all the baby boy dolls sitting on your shelf! Paradise Galleries is excited to introduce award winning artist, Michelle Fagan, to the family along with her newest adorable baby boy “Sleepy Frog.” Giving out a big and adorable yawn, he is tired from the day’s play. But just wait, because the next day, he will surely be a restless and mischievous playmate!

Costumed in a polka dotted one piece outfit with a coordinating silly frog hat, he is the only frog worth boasting about! His weighted body and adorable sleepy face will make you think you’re holding a real baby! Unlike the other real life baby dolls he comes with a musical chip in his bib that plays “Rock a Bye Baby”! He is definitely a keeper! Don’t let this one get away . . . order early as quantities are limited! "Sleepy Frog" is lovingly handcrafted from our trademarked GentleTouch™ Vinyl, measures 20 inches from head to toe and comes with accessories shown, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and an exquisite collector's box.

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• Artist: Michelle Fagan
• Size: 20” Head to Toe
• Material: GentleTouch™ Vinyl
• Weighted Cloth Body for a "Real Baby" Feel
• 3/4 Vinyl Arms and 3/4 Vinyl Legs
• Eye Color - None (Sleeping)
• Hand painted hair that achieves the true newborn look
• Hand painted details and hand applied eyelashes
• Comes with a Musical Chip in his bib that plays "Rock-a-Bye Baby"
• Posable
• Edition Size: Open
• Handle with care, ages 14+
The "Paradise Promise" guarantees your 100% satisfaction. We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase for your doll collection. We will gladly take it back within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. Our goal is not only to help you build your doll collection at an affordable price, but to give you a doll with lasting value and quality that will be yours to enjoy for years to come. Order your doll today with the confidence that you will receive a beautifully crafted doll that has passed our meticulous standards and yours.

31 Reviews For "Sleepy Frog"

  1. Just like the baby I never had!

    by Joy on August 26, 2016


    Just received this little one yesterday. I decided she looked like a girl to me and wanted a girl, so I named her Alicia Dorothy. She looks so real and is just like the real baby I never had. It is sweet to have a baby doll that has a real expression and not just a smiling baby doll. I will be buying her outfits and just put a new diaper on her. Although the sleeper she comes with is so soft and perfect. I just love her. I want to buy another doll from Paradise galleries. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Love Sleepy Froggy

    by Mariannie on June 3, 2016


    He is so cute. I can't wait till I get him. I have everything he would need. A bottle, clothes, a pacifier, and a mini crib. When he comes he is going to meet his sister Mia.

  3. I love my Sleepy Frog!

    by dana on April 1, 2016


    My conner bug is so cute, I just love him soo much.

  4. Great doll

    by Maricarmen on September 25, 2015


    Great doll

  5. I love this doll so much, so cute

    by Mustafa on April 12, 2015


    This doll is amazing. I wish I can get it.

  6. Best Boy Baby Doll Ever!

    by Michelle on January 16, 2015


    Best boy baby doll ever! I am totally in love with this cutie! He's precious and the picture doesn't quite capture his total personality. He is the first boy baby doll that I really shopped for and I made the right choice! Keep creating boy babies just like this and your customers will keep falling in love! Thank you to the artist!!!!

  7. great baby!

    by lexi on December 21, 2014


    I LOVE this baby so much he is such a great baby. He is so cuddly.

  8. froggie baby

    by jennie on December 9, 2014


    Could be either a boy or a girl. Face is VERY lifelike! From a distance, it is very convincing! I got this one to pair well with the Sock Monkey Baby. This baby here is much bigger than Sock Monkey Baby which is a preemie size. I was surprised how large Sleepy Frog is in person. This one is my favorite of the two.. so far. VERY REALISTIC! Cant wait to receive my next baby I just ordered.

  9. doll is precious

    by mark on December 7, 2014


    Precious little boy. Looks just like the picture. I am very pleased :) I had so much fun opening this beautiful package. Doll is just adorable and chubby just like a real baby. I made him a pacifier with some putty. He is adorable!!!

  10. Great baby

    by lauramwheeler79 on June 7, 2014


    This baby looks great in person.Very big baby.

  11. Amazing Doll!!!!!!

    by ad8d1ba7 on March 18, 2014


    This doll is amazing. She sure does fit into clothes very nicely. Her expression is my favorite. She is very snugly and ready to be cuddled. I give this doll a 5 star rating.

  12. SOO CUTE!

    by mimi123 on December 24, 2013


    He is about the size of a real newborn baby. He can fit in both newborn and 0-3 month size clothing. He looks real and he is ADORABLE! He's my little boy! hope you enjoy him as much as I do!

  13. 9 year old daughter LOVES

    by anj71135 on November 18, 2013


    My daughter is 9 and we came across this web site. She fell in love with Sleepy Frog. He is soft and weighted. Now a few of my daughter's friends have also purchased Paradise Galleries dolls and my daughter wants a girl doll for Christmas, she's now 11! I

  14. amazing!!!

    by myloveforreborns on April 20, 2013


    I love this doll so much! I got him for Christmas and I named him Memphis Tyler! I thought he was so precious and he really is! I was so excited!

  15. Sleepy Frog

    by fenleylane on November 26, 2012


    We recently purchased Sleep Frog baby. My daughter LOVES him. Her best friend and cousin now also have Sleepy Frog. The quality is great! They look so realistic and hold up very well. Thank you for the amazing dolls, as we will be ordering more for Christmas.

  16. LOVE HIM!

    by Gotta Collect! on November 2, 2012


    I received this cutie a few weeks ago! He is the cutest little doll on my shelf! I love him so much and named him Hayes Corbin. Thank You!

  17. Best Baby Doll Ever!

    by DollCollector1 on October 21, 2012


    I just got Sleepy Frog! He is so cute! This baby boy looks so real that he fooled a little kid at the store! He is very weighted! 5 pounds! When his butt lays in your arms, he feels real! I have a doll collection blog at:

  18. Pleasantly Pleased

    by a5c639eb on October 8, 2012


    I received Sleep Frog for my birthday from my mother. He is absolutely adorable, and when I opened the box I actually giggled out loud. That's how adorable he is. He is very snuggly and feels like a real baby...and his expression is priceless! Awesome gift :)

  19. He is too precious!

    by gatorheadsboo on June 28, 2012


    He came earlier than expected ! He is just too precious!! Everyone who sees him loves him!!! Great price, great value, wonderful doll !!

  20. Wonderful Lil Boy

    by rainmaker8801 on June 27, 2012


    So I sent this to my grandma for Mother's Day because I thought it looked like my dad when he was a baby and she was just thrilled! It looked like a new baby, highly satisfied.

  21. GreaGrt dollWonderful doll

    by Rbaro on June 27, 2012


    This doll is awesome. So realistic.

  22. Omg this baby is soo cute I love him!!!!!!!

    by tika209 on April 14, 2012


    This baby is so real that it will turn heads. He had fooled everyone in his path. I love him FIVE STARS!!!!!!!!

  23. What a cutie!

    by jerica_monsterbuckhunter on February 22, 2012


    This sweet baby looks just like the picture and even though the hair is painted on, it looks real.

  24. love him!

    by jessybee1313 on December 20, 2011


    I bought Sleepy frog for a family member for Christmas along with another baby. Sleepy Frog is definitely weighted. When the postwoman delivered the boxes she said, "I don't know what's in this one, but be careful, it's HEAVY"! Couldn't resist opening the box right away!

  25. What a Cutie!!!!!!!

    by Sleepy Frog3201 on February 20, 2011


    This little newborn baby boy lays in your arms like he is your own newborn sleeping in your arms.

  26. Beautiful doll!!!

    by julietanner11 on December 28, 2010


    This doll is so realistic and even feels like a real baby in your arms! He is gorgeous and very detailed. I am in love with him! Great value for the price.

  27. Excellent!

    by truehonestdirect on October 4, 2010


    Just recieved my bundle of joy... Absolutely so pleased with him. Can't wait to purchase another one.. My little sleepy frog is absolutely beautiful.

  28. AMAZING DOLL !!!!

    by kathrynraynes on August 13, 2010


    Sleepy Frog was an amazing doll. He had great quality and amazing details that make him true to life. I especially loved his weight and length that made him precious!!!!

  29. Cute doll

    by trishhere2010 on July 1, 2010


    I like this one. It's weighted, nice and looks better than the picture..

  30. Perfect!

    by tarab on March 18, 2010


    I have to say that this doll is the most precious of all my collection. His weighted body does feel like a real baby, and his expression is so lifelike. He's gorgeous! He's the exact size of a newborn, and his little round head reminds me of a real baby's...

  31. Exceeded My Expectations

    by DollMum on March 9, 2010


    This little boy doll is absolutely adorable. He looks exactly as portrayed in the catalog and website. His weight is more realistic than most baby dolls and the coloring is also more true to life. I love his little round head!

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