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Hoot! Hoot! Baby Doll that Looks like a Real Baby, 16 inch vinyl
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  • Hoot! Hoot! Baby Doll that Looks like a Real Baby, 16 inch vinyl
  • Hoot! Hoot! Baby Doll that Looks like a Real Baby, 16 inch vinyl
  • Hoot! Hoot! Baby Doll that Looks like a Real Baby, 16 inch vinyl
  • Hoot! Hoot! Baby Doll that Looks like a Real Baby, 16 inch vinyl
  • Hoot! Hoot! Baby Doll that Looks like a Real Baby, 16 inch vinyl
  • Hoot! Hoot! Baby Doll that Looks like a Real Baby, 16 inch vinyl

Hoot! Hoot!

by Laura Lee-Eagles

45 reviews 0 5 4.7
SKU: 21072200
No more dull nights! This little lifelike newborn baby doll is more than ready to spend his nights charming and dazzling you! Only this baby boy can make you feel so tender and warm with his round and innocent eyes. This little night owl is ready for fun with his ensemble of striped jersey knit onesie, “owl-some” hat and that look adorably reveals his utter innocence.

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No more dull nights anymore! This little lifelike preemie-sized baby doll is more than ready to spend his nights charming and dazzling you! Only this baby boy can make you feel so tender and warm with his round and innocent eyes that call out to you and his baby lips that are slightly turned down just like a newborn infant’s! With a weighted body for a real baby feel, you’ll surely spend restless nights taking care of this newborn baby that is just great for reborning!

This little night owl is ready for fun with his ensemble of striped jersey knit onesie, “owl-some” hat and that look adorably reveals his utter innocence and gentleness of his baby face! Made by the great doll sculptor and artist Laura Lee-Eagles, he also comes with his cuddly plush companion! Don’t wait, let yourself feel the love and tenderness he gives! Hoot! Hoot! Oh, so cute!

"Hoot! Hoot!" is lovingly handcrafted from our trademarked GentleTouch™ Vinyl, measures 16" from head to toe (please note he is smaller than most of our other dolls) and comes with accessories shown, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and an exquisite collector's box.

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• Artist: Laura Lee Eagles
• Size: 16” Head to Toe
• Material: GentleTouch™ Vinyl
• Weighted Cloth Body for a "Real Baby" Feel
• 3/4 Vinyl Arms and Full Vinyl Legs
• Eye Color - Brown
• Hand painted hair that achieves the true newborn look
• Hand set eyes, hand painted details and hand applied eyelashes
• Posable
• Edition Size: Open
• Handle with care, ages 14+
The "Paradise Promise" guarantees your 100% satisfaction. We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase for your doll collection. We will gladly take it back within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. Our goal is not only to help you build your doll collection at an affordable price, but to give you a doll with lasting value and quality that will be yours to enjoy for years to come. Order your doll today with the confidence that you will receive a beautifully crafted doll that has passed our meticulous standards and yours.

45 Reviews For "Hoot! Hoot!"

  1. Great

    by Zofia on September 22, 2016


    Cutest baby ever fit newborn and he is so cute love it.

  2. outstanding!

    by Grace on September 6, 2016


    He is the cutest baby in the world! He arrived much cuter than he actually is shown in the photos. everything that he came with was just the right size for him. I got him some clothes in preemie but newborn fits well. Overall a 10/10!

  3. Cute but some flaws

    by Tailor on August 29, 2016


    He is very very tiny, smaller than you will expect. His sock was coming apart when I got him. Also the owl in the picture is not the same as the owl I received. If he was larger he would be much more life like.

  4. Sweet baby HOOT HOOT!!

    by Kelly on July 22, 2016


    My little girl got him 2 years ago for Christmas from her great Mamaw! She loves him so much... He feels so real! Also I can't forget to tell you she gets preemie clothing for him every time we are at Target! He is dressed for every holiday ;)


    by Minnie Mason on May 26, 2016


    Hoot Hoot is awesome ! I am ten and he is so realistic. I like to take him in walmart and trick people because he looks real! He is my first baby bought from here and he was the right choice. I love him if you are getting him you will love him!

  6. The Hoot Hoot Doll

    by Annemarie on March 14, 2016


    He's so cute and I love him. I have way more than I need for him and my little sister adores him so much.

  7. More stuffing please!

    by Sharon on February 9, 2016


    I gave him only 4 stars because he needs more stuffing. It would be nice if the dolls had enough stuffing to support them so they can be posed sitting too. Besides that he's really cute/well made.

  8. Awesome! Love it

    by erika on January 15, 2016


    I've been looking at this one forever and then for Christmas my mom got me one!!! I love him to death!

  9. Soooo real and cute!

    by Anna on January 13, 2016


    I got him today and he is amazing! Love him! Get him while you can!

  10. Hoot Hoot is to Cute

    by Jawanna on December 17, 2015


    This little boy is just simply cute.

  11. Absolutely ADORABLE!

    by Debra on October 21, 2015


    I purchased this doll as a Christmas gift for my 3-year old granddaughter. He is the perfect size at 16 inches long. He looks EXACTLY like the pictures which I found so impressive. Since my granddaughter prefers girl baby dolls, I have dressed him in girl preemie clothes and he makes a perfect girl baby also. Preemie clothes fit perfectly. I highly recommend this doll. I can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning!

  12. Small but cute

    by Audra on September 7, 2015


    Smaller than I thought, but still cute.

  13. They look exactly like the pictures shown

    by Anna G on March 11, 2015


    I ordered Su-Lin and Hoot Hoot for my girls for Christmas. I got the dolls very quickly and in perfect condition. They look exactly like the pictures shown. My girls were thrilled and have carried their dolls everywhere. I will definitely order from this company again.

  14. Pacifier

    by Kelly on March 10, 2015


    He is an awesome baby. I took a sharp knife and actually cut a slit in his lips so he can have a pacifier. It worked perfectly. Very cute boy baby for your collection!

  15. Hoot Hoot

    by 38fb524c on August 4, 2014


    I purchased this baby for my daughter's 9th birthday. Very pleased with the baby. All she asked for was a baby that looks real. She fell in love as soon as she opened the box. She said he is like her very own baby. She named him Caleb. The baby is very well made, too.

  16. Om hoot!

    by Keith on July 3, 2014


    So tiny love him. Yay! Cutie, he's a need not a want.

  17. So cute

    by b9falbo on February 19, 2014


    How can you pass up on this face? He is the perfect preemie size. I love his painted hair and the detail on his limbs. What a wonderful addition to my collection.

  18. Dylan!

    by kaylalovesreborns on January 12, 2014


    Hello Everyone. This beautiful baby boy is just exceptional for any child or collector. Perfect for reborn artists!


    by martinezdee66 on January 2, 2014


    I am nine and I got this cutie pie named Hoot! Hoot! for Christmas. He is a such a cutie. He is a little small, but I still love him.

  20. he is soo little but so adorable

    by mistygrimstead on December 2, 2013


    This was my first doll from Paradise Galleries and he is simply adorable. He is really little but well worth the money. He is very realistic and weighs just like a small preemie.

  21. Baby Hoot Hoot

    by rousselc on November 16, 2013


    My 7 year old daughter loves this doll! She named him Benjamin:) We bought Benjamin his own car seat, stroller and diaper bag. Santa will bring Benjamin a play pen. This doll has brought so much joy to my little girl. This is a great buy!!!

  22. Hooty Toot

    by Studiofiftyfive on November 14, 2013


    I bought this baby for my daughter for Easter a few years ago. She loves him and takes him everywhere! He is adorable.

  23. HOOT HOOT is simply TOO TOO CUTE!!!

    by 5cfd3633 on October 10, 2013


    Just received this little fellow today, and he is a real gem. So adorable and sweet in every way. His facial features are so realistic as well as his arms, legs and little feet. My only regret is that he is not a new born size. He is more like a preemie.

  24. Luv him!!!!!!

    by Laceys reborns 123 on September 23, 2013


    OK so I got Grayson (the doll) April 4, 2013 and he's worth every penny. I have spoiled him and his sister and will do the same for my new baby I'm getting... Baby Mei by Ping Lau. And possibly... Over the Moooon By Ping Lau, too. As you can tell, I am a reborn fan.

  25. Love this doll!

    by Sadie on September 12, 2013


    This doll is very life like! My daughter loves him! He fits nicely in preemie clothes. I am very satisfied with my purchase!

  26. adorable

    by 628Gracie on August 13, 2013


    My sister got him and she likes him but he is small.

  27. love him:D

    by amkpink9 on May 15, 2013


    I got him last week and I love him so much...he is so cute.

  28. Hoot Hoot

    by Berniert12 on May 12, 2013


    This is a very nice doll! I thought this doll might be too small however when I got him, it was the perfect size and weighted like a real baby. This one is a keeper and I am very happy with my purchase!

  29. Great doll!

    by cyurick on November 10, 2012


    I have purchased many dolls from Paradise Galleries. They all have been excellent quality and look so real. My granddaughter actually collects these dolls, and has several in her collection. Although she is 11 now, she still wants one to keep.

  30. Zorwen!!

    by Cecaliea my reborn on September 25, 2012


    OMG! He's soo cute and life like.

  31. Adorable baby boy newborn

    by MarnyRenteria on September 22, 2012


    Baby owl boy baby is adorable! My 11 year old daughter is in love with this baby doll. I rated 4 stars only because the doll is only 16 inches long. I wish it were at least 19 inches long (for a much more realistic size).

  32. "Daniale Yoshi Manslove" That is his name

    by ASHLYN 12345 on September 16, 2012


    Awe so cute he is 1 week old today! AWE! Love him

  33. Hoot, Hoot was a Hoot!!!

    by wrogers1954 on July 17, 2012


    I bought this doll for one of my granddaughters and when she opened it at her birthday party, all the little girls wanted to hold him. The other gifts were left sitting on the table. This doll was the highlight of the party! Some of the girls' mothers wanted to buy this doll, too.

  34. cannon

    by love cannon on July 10, 2012


    I love how his eyes, they really sparkle. I just got him Friday and I love his lips, it looks like he's biting the bottle.

  35. Awesome!

    by lindachad00 on July 10, 2012


    My daughter has this little guy and LOVES him! She named him Hayden and takes him everywhere we go! I even have to buy clothing, diapers, toys, etc. for him! We are now on the search for Hayden a baby sister and will be ordering a new baby girl from Paradise Galleries.

  36. hoot hoot

    by athanabelen on June 30, 2012


    Hi little blueish grayish eyes are super cute. His lips are so lifelike.

  37. Yes You should

    by Goofy Girl 2012 on June 4, 2012


    Dear ALSOgirl10 Yes you should Buy him!! mine is about 6 pounds,16 inches,Preemie clotheing, AND VERY LIFELIKE!!!!!! He is sooooo life like he turns heads! I love him and you will too!!!! I love My doll "MAX Ashune Kile" Bye and YOUR WELCOME!

  38. I got him!

    by Smiley 123 on May 11, 2012


    I got him 1 day ago his name is "Peyton List"! I love you PAY-Tey! Just so you know! Love you Peyton. I would rate stars on him!

  39. Riley Zarden!

    by Love bug on March 25, 2012


    Got him for me and I love "RILEY ZARDEN"! He is soooo lifelike I have taken him every wear with me. NEVER EVER let him stay at home alone with out his Baby Doll Sitter "Lora"! I pay her $30 to take care of him! I treat him like a newborn BABY.

  40. My daughter LOVES him!

    by armyofmandy on January 16, 2012


    I bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she absolutely loves him! He is a bit on the smaller side but still has all the details of a new baby! We did have a problem with the eyelashes off of one of the eyes when it arrived but we are very happy with him overall.

  41. Very Pleased

    by emmadaysmommy on December 30, 2011


    I bought this doll for my daughter for Christmas. I was worried he might be too realistic for her, but she loved him immeidately. Her only concern is that his eyes don't close and she is worried how he sleeps! My only issue is that he is a small.

  42. I Love Him !!!

    by Ashdoll2012 on December 24, 2011


    My parents bought me this doll for my birthday. I love him. He looks just like the pictures. He is so cute!! He even weighs like a real baby and feels like one, too! I would for sure recommend this adorable little baby to anyone who is interested.

  43. Too cute...

    by cookieladyshelia on December 8, 2011


    This doll came in the mail today and he is absolutely adorable. I'm hoping my daughter loves him as much as I do! He has the sweetest little face and the owl outfit is just as cute as can be!

  44. Please!!!

    by channnythebabycollector on November 1, 2011


    I wan't this baby so bad I have Nischi, she's cute, too.

  45. udailey

    by udailey on October 25, 2011


    This little cutie arrived today. I couldn't believe how lovely this doll looks. He looks and feels like a real baby. He is so adorable. His arms and legs are so realistic to the tinniest detail. His hair is painted on so perfectly, which almost looks like a newborn.

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