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Real Looking Baby Dolls


Are you tired of having the same looking dolls over and over again? Are you fed up of low quality dolls with hair that falls out and bodies that fall apart? If so, Paradise Galleries Dolls are the perfect choice for a truly quality doll. You can choose from wide selections of real looking baby dolls with many different styles, sizes, colors, costumes, faces and types.



May it be a Hispanic doll, a cute Asian, a dashing Princess or Prince, a blushing bride or a mom and dad, or even a Victorian fashion doll. We have hundreds to choose from making it difficult to take your eyes away from each one of them with their expressive faces, tender lips and eyes that warm your heart. Our wide selection of dolls includes real looking baby dolls, porcelain dolls, vinyl dolls, fairy dolls and many more unique types.


Paradise Galleries has been serving the most meticulous doll collectors, casual doll enthusiasts, shoppers looking for a special gift, and children for almost 20 years with amazing quality dolls that are reflected in the customers’ fervent reviews. Our dolls are designed by top and award winning master designers with passion and dedication which can be seen in the dolls’ finely and exquisitely detailed clothing and features that you usually find on a much higher priced dolls. Our dolls are a work of elegance and grace. We also have different accessories for each doll so the enjoyment is limitless. Paradise Galleries Dolls are handmade, carefully and meticulously crafted in the finest Bisque Porcelain, soft and life-like Gentle Touch™ Vinyl, Flex-Touch Vinyl, or our exclusive Porcelain-look resilient Caressalyn™ Vinyl that will surely bring you happiness for years to come.


Whether you are an avid doll collector who collects only the best of dolls or a first time owner, there is one for you here! Our real looking baby dolls are the most charming with detailed and gorgeous dresses that would look lovely on top of your dresser. The dolls can also be an angel company of your child and are perfect as a gift in Christmas day. If you touch the hair that is the softest ever, the lifelike face and body, and feel the weight of the doll….you will experience the “Paradise Difference”! A Paradise Galleries doll will surely be the centerpiece of your collection with its incomparable beauty and quality.


Please browse our gallery of exquisite dolls online and call us today to find the right one for you. We are certain you will be pleased with your high quality and reasonably priced doll that return for another one. Our dolls are designed to make you smile.