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Real Life Dolls

Searching for real life dolls? We have what you need. Our real babies look so lifelike you will feel as if you are really holding a newborn! We also have a large selection of amazing play dolls, fashion dolls, collector dolls, fairies, angels, brides, and more. In addition, our gallery is home to the largest selection doll accessories and figurines. We have famous collector brands like Marie Osmond, Kewpie, Penny Brite, Whispering Willow, and more. Basically, whatever type of doll or doll accessory you might have in mind, Paradise Galleries is the only place you will ever need to look.

Real life dolls, also called ‘real babies’, have been a growing trend in the doll community since they came onto the market in the beginning of the 1990s. In the past 20 years, the demand for these dolls has increased, as has their value. Doll artists have been able to perfect the art of ‘reborning’ (creating life like dolls) due to the development of higher quality porcelain, vinyl, paints, and glazes Now these real life dolls look just that – REAL! However, because the reborning process is labor intensive and requires the finest of materials, real life dolls can be very hard to find. However, Paradise Galleries is known to be the top supplier of these dolls. We have adorable babies like Mason, Baby Grace, and Purr-fect in Pink. These 3 delightful creations, along with the rest of their friends, will steal your heart in an instant. Come visit them in our online gallery today; but make sure to hang on to your heart lest they steal it away!

Real life dolls are not the only type of doll that is difficult to find; multicultural dolls are just as, if not more, elusive. Although their scarcity makes multicultural dolls more valuable, it can be frustrating to those who collect them or would like to give one as a gift. Paradise Galleries has the widest variety of these dolls on the market. We have dolls from cultures around the globe: From Bolivia to New Guinea, from Poland to Hungary. We also have African American dolls, Hispanic dolls, Asian dolls, and Native American dolls. These dolls are gorgeous – and they go fast! So pick yours today.

Paradise Galleries warmly welcomes you to visit our online doll paradise today. Our doll gallery is easy to navigate, thus in just a few simple steps you will have that doll you have always dreamed of! Visit us now!