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We know that loving your very own little one is the best feeling of all, and it is also something many people would give their all to, just to feel that same love. That is why having a little one seems so intriguing to many people, the thought of having a cute little darling to love and look after. But not everyone is interested in the prospect of having the messy and stressful job that comes with having a new sweet pie! And still, a cute little baby is just so irresistible…

The good news is you do not have to be sad anymore or long for a little one, because at Paradise Galleries there are the cutest real life baby dolls with the most charming and remarkable features! Browsing through the wide collection of baby dolls will bring sunshine and really make your day. Each and every one of these Paradise Galleries sweethearts is made with a certain inspiration for each doll from everyday life, and that gives each doll the great realness that a Paradise Galleries baby doll is known for.

A Paradise Galleries real life baby doll can make you feel calm and joyful. You will find yourself being torn between the adoration and a lively playfulness each doll will bring you! The adorable “Hoot! Hoot!” doll will keep the night alive with his amazingly realistic pretty face, expressive eyes and an infant that is just plain cute. His cheeks are glowing on this little gems face.

Another darling of the night is the bundle of charm “Sleepy Frog”. He may have a big yawn on his super chubby and healthy- looking face, but for sure, this little one can keep you amused and happy the whole night, and day. His bib also plays the lullaby ‘’Rock-a-Bye-Baby’’! Another sweetheart that will never let you out of his sight is “Sock Monkey Business”! With his beautiful closed eyes and adorable clutched hands clutching, you’d know in an instant that he is for keeps!

What are you waiting for? Gems this rare and delightful won’t be around for long, so make yourself lucky and get one of these Paradise Galleries real life baby dolls today! Browse through our catalog now or call to find the most perfect real life baby doll for you.