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Hunting for that perfect porcelain doll? Paradise Galleries is the only place where you will find exactly what you are looking for. We have the largest and most diverse selection of collectible dolls. With categories ranging from baby dolls, fashion dolls, and even multi-cultural dolls, we are your number one supplier for exquisite, unique, and creative products. We firmly believe in the fact that dolls are timeless. Historically, they are the oldest known toy and have even served to represent deities in many cultures. Paradise Galleries is passionate about the ageless value of dolls, and we are proud to provide our customers with uniquely hand-crafted heirloom keepsakes. Our porcelain doll collection is exceptional and is only a small portion of the masterpieces that we have to offer.

Paradise Galleries has been serving one satisfied customer at a time for nearly 2 decades. We are dedicated doll lovers and we partner with only the top doll artists in the world. We are proud of our extremely high standards for the quality of our dolls. The rigid criteria that each porcelain doll must pass in order to be included in our gallery ensures that your doll will definitely surpass your highest expectation. Our dolls have exquisite features, joyful faces, and adorable hand-stitched garments. We take pride in the fact that each doll is unique, and we have such a wide selection of dolls that we can guarantee that you will find that flawless porcelain doll you have been searching for.

Most importantly, our gallery hosts dolls that will warm your heart but won't empty your pocketbook. We offer timeless gifts for prices that make it possible for everyone to enjoy our dolls. Our products and our prices are inspired by our love for dolls and all the joy that they bring to children and adults alike. Choose the perfect porcelain doll from our extravagant collection that includes irresistible creations such as Rapunzel, Paradise Holiday Rose, and Penny Brite Cinderella.

With our high quality products and our low-cost guarantee, you just cannot go wrong with Paradise Galleries. Give a timeless gift that will last for lifetimes. Imagine the sheer delight on the face of that precious child in your life when they lift their very own Paradise doll out of the wrapping. The best part about our products is that the laughter and joy that our dolls bring to so many hearts can be passed on to future loved ones. We make more than just dolls...we make heirloom treasures.