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Looking for newborn dolls? Paradise Galleries is the place where you’ll find them. Quality dolls are hard to find these days and many doll lovers find themselves searching for hours just to find something close to what they are looking for. However, they are delighted once they discover our gallery and our incredibly wide selection of quality dolls and doll products. We sell children’s dolls, collector dolls, baby dolls, multicultural dolls, fashion dolls, newborn dolls, fairy dolls, angels, brides and more. In fact, we have such a wide selection that you will never be able to choose just one to call your own.

Newborn dolls are arguably the most difficult dolls to find. This makes them rare and valuable items once they’re discovered. Their scarcity is due to the painstaking intricacy of the ‘reborning’ process (the process by which reborn babies are created). For example, each eyelash and hair is individually sewn, countless glazes are applied to each face (to give them the rosy glow), and each limb is even weighted with special materials. These processes give these dolls the lifelike look and feel that is so coveted among doll lovers and doll collectors.

Although reborn babies are hard to find, Paradise Galleries has plenty to choose from. Among our collection, we feature Baby Conner, Baby Avery, Baby Carly, and Baby Emma. Mason, Happy Teddy, and Purr-fect in Pink are other cute ‘bundles of joy’ that are waiting for you in our gallery.

In addition to a wide selection of rare newborn dolls, we also have a substantial array of hard-to-find multicultural dolls as well. Our gallery is home to every Asian, Hispanic, African American, Native American, and dolls from every culture you can think of. For example, we have dolls from cultures such as Canada, Poland, Hungary, Bolivia, Chile, and even New Guinea! Come check out these exotic beauties today! is the best, and ONLY way to shop for the doll you are looking for. We make it easy and fun to locate the perfect doll. The gallery is extremely easy to navigate with convenient categories such as occasion, doll type,product type, artist, size, price, etc. we also have a search window located at the top of the page for your convenience. When you visit our website, make sure not to pass up the opportunity to join the Paradise Birthday Club where you are guaranteed great deals and might even win a FREE DOLL!!!!