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Newborn Baby Dolls that Look Real

The best answer for all of us whom long to have a baby and can’t or our children have grown, is to get a newborn baby doll that looks real! Some of may not like to get a baby doll instead of a real baby but as we have seen at Paradise Galleries, getting a newborn baby doll that looks real can make you feel that warmth and tenderness you long to feel with a real baby.

Don’t go just about anywhere to look for that doll, because here at Paradise Galleries, hundreds of newborn baby dolls are waiting for you to find them! Good quality baby dolls with unique designs, so don’t hesitate, let your heart be stolen at first glance by these adorable baby dolls.

“Happy Teddy” is one sweet darling that has an aura of bright happiness around her that no one will be able to resist her. She is truly a fan favorite with her chubby face; cheeks that look so irresistibly soft with a healthy and radiant color that give her the look of a glowing, healthy newborn baby. But there is more! Music and joy accompany her everywhere with her musical bib that gently plays “Rock-a-Bye Baby" when you press it! No other darling will surely make you happy like “Happy Teddy”!

“Bundle of Joy” is also one of the best in our collection of newborn baby dolls that look real. This award winning little cutie does not only boast of very fine features like his perfectly made eyes and sweet features that give him such a realistic newborn baby look. He is also an articulated doll with ten amazing points of articulation that enable you to be oh, so playful with him!

If you want to double the love and fun, then the “Teddy Bear Twins” are here for you! “Abigail” is the pretty little girl of the “Teddy Bear Twins”, and she will surely entice you with her dainty smile. “Aidan” is the stunning boy of this duo with a beauty so gentle and dreamy he will capture your heart! “Aidan” is lovingly dressed in a warm and comfortable blue and white striped fleece onesie each with cute appliquéd bear on the front while his twin sister is costumed in a pastel pink, teddy bear footed fleece onesie and when they are put side by side you can instantly see them light up any room with their absolute sweetness.

If you don’t have a real baby or your kids have grown, get over because Paradise Galleries today and get your very own newborn baby doll that looks real! And get loving today!