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Newborn Baby Doll

With all new things in our lives every day, most people tend to forget to remember the simple things in life that bring us real and genuine happiness. This is the same when it comes to choosing dolls to collect. With all the fabulous costumes, dazzling features and fun personalities that each doll can bring how could you not want a cute-as-can newborn baby doll! Just like a newborn infant, a newborn baby doll is so innocent, fresh and delightfully simple; making these darling dolls full of pure charm.

Relive or experience for the first time the exceptional joy of getting your very own newborn baby doll to take care of and watch over with a doll from the best doll company around, Paradise Galleries! Browse our wide array of baby dolls and be assured that you will soon find the beautiful newborn baby doll that you have always been dreaming. And when you finally take your new lovely baby in your arms, you will know you have found true happiness!

If you do not want to look any further, we have the perfect darling for you that you will definitely want to take home and love forever. Paradise Galleries “Bundle of Joy” newborn baby doll is absolutely a heaven sent package made just for the adoring, like you! Watch as this truly awe - inspiring baby brings the sunshine into your life and puts happiness into every single moment of your life. With a face of an innocent cherub, this baby will make you fall in love time after time! “Bundle of Joy” also has ten amazing points of articulation that allow you to pose her in many ways!

For a really fun time, you should get the sweet “Tall Dreams Ensemble” newborn baby doll, by Paradise Galleries! She is one dreamer of a darling that definitely needs someone to nurture her and that could be you! With glowing skin that is as healthy as a newborn infant’s and her enthusiastic looking eyes, it will be impossible not to fall into this darling’s charming ways. And to give you a complete sense of bliss, “Tall Dreams Ensemble” also comes with an amazing array of accessories; a Giraffe appliquéd jacket, a pair of booties, bib, baby burpie, a baby bottle that empties magically when tipped in the baby’s mouth and much, much more! Paradise Galleries doll “Happy Teddy” is another newborn baby doll that will bring a new level of happiness to life that comes in air when you press her bib and hear the joyful song "Rock-a-Bye Baby"!

So what are you waiting for? Check Paradise Galleries catalog now or call our experts doll makers and get happy today!