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newborn baby doll


Newborn Baby Doll

Need a realistic newborn baby doll? The real babies featured at Paradise Galleries are the highest quality dolls in the industry. For almost 20 years, our company has provided excellent services to millions of doll lovers. We sell baby dolls, play dolls, fashion dolls, fairies, brides, and more. We also have those rare multicultural dolls you are looking for such as our Native American, African American, Hispanic, and Asian beauties. In addition, the doll accessories that we sell are just as high quality as the actual dolls. So, if you are looking for a perfect handmade creation for yourself, a child, or that special doll collector in your life, search no more. Our gallery has exactly what you are looking for.

Finding that perfect newborn baby doll can be difficult. These types of dolls must possess particular characteristics in order to look and feel life-like. The artists, sculptors, and designers at Paradise Galleries who create these types of dolls are experts in this area. They use only the highest quality of molds, paints, and other materials. The paints and glazes are applied to each doll in a series of layers, creating a realistic glow and luster to each adorable face. Each limb is weighted with material that makes each doll have weight that is comparable o that that of a real infant. The hair of each newborn baby doll is hand stitched to maintain an authentic look. Once complete, the reborn baby dolls in the Paradise gallery are the most lifelike in the business.

Paradise Galleries has more than just that one newborn baby doll you are looking for. We also have dolls with famous brand names such as Kewpie dolls, Whispering Willow, Penny Brite, and Marie Osmond. No matter what brand, size, or type of doll, they are produced using the best materials. We use the classic Bisque porcelain, the flexible life-like Gentle Touch™ Vinyl, as well as our exclusive Caressalyn™ Vinyl that creates a porcelain appearance. You simply will not be able to turn down the adorable eyes and cute smiles that belong to dolls like Pretty Ballerina, Lillian Rose, and ‘Lil’ Cowgirl.

Come look at our gallery and find the perfect doll for you. We have excellent shipping deals that well save you money. With each Paradise doll we deliver, we deliver a %100 satisfaction guarantee. Our dolls are the best in the industry and we have the largest selection to choose from. Visit our website today!