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Everyone knows of Marie Osmond, singer, performer and doll maker. The once darling girl of the Osmond family and now an independent woman on her own has fascinated millions of people around the world, garnering adoring fans that were charmed by her sweet look. The chart topping country singer’s songs are colorful, sweet and expressive and they captivated the hearts of many people. But she expresses her music not only through her singing, but with her other passion as well, and a sweet and fun one at that- doll making! For over twenty years now, the woman who herself looks like a doll, dedicates her time, effort, bright and happy ideas, love and energy to designing and making pretty and unforgettable dolls of all different kinds equally delightful in their own ways.

Marie started making dolls on 1991, with her very first piece that she sculpted for herself she named Olive May, name after her mother. It was a great success, and she continued making the most beautiful dolls on the market ever since. One of the famous Marie Osmond Doll collections is the Adora Belle series. All serious doll collectors should know the lovely little girl with a plump, amiable face and extremely cute doe eyes that make up the face of the Adora Belle collection. Besides the maker of Adora Belle dolls, Marie is also the maker of heartwarming toddler dolls such as Baby Abby Panda Perfect which was sculpted in the likeness of her daughter Abby. There is also her very divine Heavenly Dream doll, a radiant angel doll. Recently, Marie launched her coffee table book full of memorable Marie Osmond Dolls, ‘Love and Laughter Along The Way’ celebrating her 20th anniversary in the doll industry.

And now, yet another collection of dolls adds to her shining milestone in doll making industry. Paradise Galleries is proud to present Marie Osmond’s Adora Belle- The Wizard of Oz™ collection! These Wizard of Oz™ collectible dolls are surely a big hit with their charming recreation of the characters we all loved as children. There is the Adora Belle Wicked Witch™ doll that is dangerously stunning in green porcelain and black dress and cap. Or you could check out the Good Witch Glinda™ who is stunning with her flowing blonde curls and pretty pink dress.

And who could forget Dorothy™ and her friends! The Cowardly Lion™ is most friendly looking in his lion suit and cute curls, while the Scarecrow™ is charmingly shabby with his country ensemble and an adorable little smile! And Dorothy™ is as pretty and glowing as before, with her signature double pony tail hairdo, basket and sparkling red shoes!

Childhood stories last forever, and what’s best way to bring that nostalgic feeling over and over than a collection of dreamy dolls from a dreamy girl, Marie Osmond! So what are you waiting for? Paradise Galleries is always open, get yourself some Marie Osmond Dolls and have your very own fairytale experience now!


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