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Can't find those lifelike baby dolls you are looking for? Relax – Paradise Galleries has exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for play dolls, collector dolls, fashion dolls, fairies, princesses, brides, or the ever-elusive lifelike baby dolls, our gallery is the only source you will ever need. In fact, we have the most dolls, doll accessories, and fun figurines on the market. Even better, our products are also the highest quality in the industry. We have dolls for boys, girls, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, or anyone else you might be shopping for.

Since the early 1990’s, lifelike baby dolls have been growing in popularity. As their market demand has increased, so has the intricacy of the ‘reborning’ process, which is the term used for the creation of these realistic dolls. This process requires not only abundant creativity, but also endless amounts of patients and dexterity. Each individual hair on this type of doll, whether an eyelash or scalp hair, must be hand stitched strand by strand. The rosy glow that is reflected from realistic faces of these dolls is created by applying countless layers of high quality paints and glosses. Ever wonder how these real babies possess the weight of an actual infant? Well, each limb is individually stuffed with special materials to achieve the lifelike weight that characterizes these dolls.

As you can imagine, this is an extremely extensive and difficult process, making these dolls rare and extremely coveted. You’re in luck-our gallery has the widest selection of these dolls to choose from. In addition to lifelike baby dolls, we also sell multicultural dolls ranging from the Native American culture to the Asian culture. We are also the number one supplier of Kewpie dolls, Marie Osmond dolls, Whispering Willow dolls, and even Penny Brite dolls. This may sound like too many dolls to choose from but our gallery is very easy to navigate. You can specialize your doll search by occasion, price, size, artist, and many other categories. Take advantage of our special shipping deals today and don’t forget to check out our Sale section. Paradise Galleries is known for providing high quality dolls and doll products for the affordable prices you are looking for. It’s very possible that we may love dolls even more than you do so take a look at our gallery today! We can’t wait to serve you!