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Do you know that dolls can be more than just decoration in your bedrooms or toys for kids? Many people are rediscovering dolls, especially baby dolls, and all that a baby doll can truly give to a person is a new level of satisfaction and joy. Why wouldn’t you want to experience that one of a kind bliss yourself as well! Life like baby dolls that the best dolls to capture your heart and make you never want to let them go!

Paradise Galleries is the home of the most remarkable baby dolls, they give you a wide and delightful array of life like baby dolls that not only make you happy but also the kind of doll that you will be able to love with all your heart! All of Paradise Galleries baby dolls are made by their own dedicated doll artists and made with inspirations that give them their very own distinct charms; they all look so real with their expressive and truly realistic features!

One of the most popular baby dolls is ‘Bundle of Joy’. This sweet-as-can-be bundle is truly the epitome of gentleness and undeniably a delightful sight for any adoring eyes. Her faintly blushed cheeks give a healthy and glowing look, like that of a newborn baby. She is made even more perfect by her ten points of articulation which give you endless ways to pose her like a real baby!

Another sweet pie wants to get closer to you…to tell you to ‘dream big’! She comes with an abundance of accessories to inspire a great deal joy of in your playtime together! At bedtime, another darling that is more than ready to delight you, is the favorite ‘Happy Teddy’! With her adorably life like face and a chip in her bib that when pressed will play Rock-a-Bye-Baby!

Browse through our catalog today and see these adorable babies’ beauty with your own eyes and don’t be surprised if you found yourself truly captivated! Be one of the lucky ones and reward yourself with a baby doll to love forever!


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