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If you are looking for a Kate Middleton Wedding Doll, then you are in the perfect place! You will fall inlove with the most stunning Kate Middleton Wedding Doll on the market!

On that lovely day of April 29th 2011, the pretty and humble lady, Kate Middleton married the world’s much loved British Prince, Prince William and finally became Her Royal Highness, Princess Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. She stole the hearts of everyone around the worldwith her obvious elegance and truly natural grace. How could anyone forget how Princess Kate looked that day, with her simplicity and charm, everyone fell in love with her, and another fashion icon was born!

That season was also the release of Paradise Galleries very own Kate Middleton Wedding Doll. With the celebrations for the royal wedding’s first year anniversary in full swing, it certainly is the best season to get your very own Kate Middleton Wedding Dolltoo!

Paradise Galleries is proud to present you the most realistic and truly one of a kind doll, the most loved Princess Bride, our very own Kate Middleton Wedding Doll! With so much dedication and passion, Paradise Galleries master sculptor and artists were able to capture perfectly Princess Kate’s beauty, grace and radiance from her wedding day!

With the Kate Middleton Wedding doll’s stunning features, beautiful brown hair, and desired classically simple wedding gown, no other Kate Middleton doll could be more realistic and accurately beautiful.

Paradise Galleries Kate Middleton wedding doll is wearing her most remembered wedding gown made of the best and luxurious materialson the market. The sweetheart cut bodice and sleeves are exquisitely detailed in designed laces. She is also wearing her wedding veil that is made of a very fine material, a very precious pair of earrings and to top it all off, she is wearing the British Royal family’s heirloom tiara that Queen Elizabeth lent to the new Princess for her special fairy tale day!

With Paradise Galleries Kate Middleton wedding doll complete with the elegance of the Duchess’ simply beautiful wedding ensemble, what more could you ask for! She is certainly the most lifelike and magical Kate Middleton doll on the market! It surely is a must for every fashion doll collector, lover and fan of the royal couple. Everyone who wants to join the celebration of the Royal Wedding’s fist year anniversary, get your very own Kate Middleton Wedding doll now and be a part of history!