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The excitement that arose from the Royal wedding of the century seems to still be in everyone’s sight and Kate Middleton’s beauty could surely make you want to delight in the Paradise Galleries Kate Middleton doll!

Visit Paradise Galleries now and expose yourself to the majestic and utterly charming presence of her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge doll! Many people have fallen in love with her distinct and most realistic facial features that showcase Princess Kate’s radiant and lovely glow on that unforgettable fairytale day when she finally married her Prince. Paradise Galleries offers you the Kate Middleton doll that will make you remember that dreamy wedding day over and over again! Paradise Galleries Kate Middleton doll looks pretty and classic in her now iconic wedding dress made of the highest quality silk and impeccably crafted floral lace that replicates Princess Kate’s very own dress. To top off her ensemble the stunning replica of the British Royal family’s heirloom tiara and diamond earrings! No other Kate Middleton doll could bring you all the magic and splendor that everyone saw the very day of the Royal wedding than Paradise Galleries Kate Middleton doll!

For greater joy, Paradise Galleries is pleased to present to you our elegant and graceful collection of some of Princess Kate Middleton’s most famous and iconic dresses! Be dazzled once more with Princess Kate’s stunning reception gown that she wore during her and Prince William’s post-wedding dinner dance at Buckingham Palace. Paradise Galleries captured beautifully the same elegance of the ensemble from the sweetheart cut strapless dress, the fuzzy cropped sweater down to the beautifully embellished diamante waistline. We also have Princess Kate’s North American Tour Blue Lace Dress that dazzled everyone around the world! And the classic and minimalist Canada Day Ceremony Ensemble is the perfect piece to complete your royal collection!

Best of all, the Paradise Galleries Kate Middleton doll is the guaranteed to be of the best quality at an affordable price! You know that no other Kate Middleton doll could be more perfect than her! Call us now or browse through our gallery to start your very own Princess Kate collection today!


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