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Some people love everything Japanese! From the food, fashion and the language, most especially the Kimono. Are you one of those people? Then getting or collecting lovely Japanese dolls is a perfect gesture of your admiration for the Japanese culture. But finding a pretty, charming and even realistic looking Japanese doll could be very difficult, especially when what you are looking for is not only beautiful but also a guaranteed high quality Japanese doll. Now you don’t have to look any farther for Japanese dolls. You are in the perfect place.

Here at Paradise Galleries, you will find a wide selection of different Japanese dolls for you to choose from. We have everything a Japanese doll should be, from baby dolls to Japanese dolls dressed in their cultural costumes. With so many choices, you will surely be lost in their charming beauty and will find it rather difficult to choose.

There are the Japanese dolls dressed in their lovely and exquisite Kimonos like “Chica,” an elegant Japanese beauty dressed in a gorgeous and breathtaking satin brocade gown featuring a green and red Asian umbrella print with a red belt and golden embroideries, beads and charms as finishing touches. Her hair is in an elegant and neat updo with red flowers and hair sticks with charms hanging on bothends, a perfect match for her outfit. Her stunning brown eyes, plump lips and blushed cheeks add to her exquisite beauty.

We also have a little Japanese cutie, “Meiko,” an endearing Japanese baby doll with an incredibly expressive and innocent face. Her name is a Japanese word that means “bud” and indeed, with her plump and sweet face, soft looking lips and expressive eyes that can draw you in, she certainly is one budding beauty! Little Meiko is costumed a in pastel two piece blue satin jammies set with a brocade print and her adorable short black hair with bangs is tied up in two cute ponytails with a silk ribbon. She is not only adorable and pretty but she looks truly realistic! You could put her in a stroller, or in your arms and let the people around you mistaken her for a real Japanese cutie pie!

All of our dolls here at Paradise Galleries are lovingly made by our talented artists to perfection so you can be assured that what you are getting are only the highest quality dolls in the market. So what are you waiting for? Come and choose the perfect Japanese doll to for a delightful addition to your Japanese collection now!

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