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Gifts for Her

It is a known fact that girls love to be loved, and not just in a usual, predictable way. So in choosing a great gift for her might as well take you to the road to madness! A very special day that she is so looking forward may be just looming around or she might be hinting that she wants to feel loved. Finding an amazing gift for her can be a pressure. But with the right place, idea and the right choices, it can be a great fun even for you!

Before taking any usual girly stuff you bet she will love, drop the conventional gift ideas now and look for something that best embodies your loved one’s amazing qualities, personality and her unique taste. Clothes can be so generic, and there are really nothing out there that can be the valuable and special gift for her that will look as if it’s tailor- made just to fit her uniqueness…save for some amazing dolls!

Relax now because tiring yourself is not really necessary especially when you’re already in the perfect place to be, Paradise Galleries!

For the girl who loves to love, especially cuddly and cute things, Sock Monkey Business is her best companion. Wearing only that super adorable sock monkey printed one piece outfit, silly sock monkey hat, bib and that lifelike baby face with all those little lines and blushed cheeks, this is definitely a fresh change from all the extravagance around her. She will surely be pleased in welcoming the best gift of her life.

Nothing beats a girl when she is in a charming, girlishly reminiscent mood! So put her in her sweetest and cutest mode with Paradise Galleries’ Adora Belle Wizard Of Oz Collection, which consist of the most loved heroes of her childhood, like the lovable Adora Belle-Dorothy, who is dressed prettily in that outfit your girl once loved and the cute Adora Belle-Cowardly Lion. The breathtakingly fun collection also gives you the fun replicas of the jolly fairy Glinda, and the elegantly green Wicked Witch! She will surely thank you with all her heart for bringing her the light of her childhood life!

With the Paradise dolls’ natural sophistication, she would think that you have given all effort and time just to have such unbelievable gift for her, but in reality, you do not really have to put everything at stake or even break the bank! These amazing creations come very affordable with a flawless quality that can never be found even in much higher priced dolls. So get yourself and your girl lucky today and take your own Paradise doll!


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