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Do you find yourself searching for a different take on building a great doll collection? Or perhaps you are looking for a more unique kind of doll to be given as a precious gift to your loved ones or even just for yourself. Why not add some fantasy dolls to your collection? With so many different kinds of dolls out there, none will surely enchant you like a magical collection of fantasy dolls!

There are so many fantasy dolls everywhere, but what about the ones with classy and elegant designs and one of a kind faces and features that are very well crafted? You need not worry about finding a fantasy doll now, because you are in the perfect place, the true home of the most remarkable dolls, Paradise Galleries!

Let yourself be charmed by our great and gorgeous collection of fantasy dolls! There are so many to choose from to satisfy anyone’s preference. Our fantasy dolls collection features our own version of different fairytale characters that we all loved in our childhood! And they are made to be more adorable, more charming and more enchanting!

Step through the looking glass like you did when you were young and hear Alice In Wonderland’s adventures with our very own baby version of Alice. Your heart will just melt with the innocent and curious face of sweet baby Alice. Adorably dressed in a puff sleeved light blue checkered dress with a cute ruffled apron, who could be cuter than her? Her light blonde hair adorned with a pretty silk ribbon and she also comes with her adorable plush white hare, your adventure will be complete with big fun!

Reminisce with childhood fairytales and let those intriguing and fascinating characters come to life with our collection of Penny Brite Fairytale dolls! ReliveSnowhite’s romantic life with our Penny Brite Snow White doll! The famous storybook beauty is dressed in a colorful red, white, blue and yellow dress and coordinating cape. And who could forget the great heroine, Cinderella? Our PennyBrite Cinderella doll is adorable and dressed in a princess style blue dress and cape. With her beautifully done hair and majestic tiara, she is truly the belle of the ball.

More fairytale dolls in our Penny Britefairytale dolls collection include the famous beauties Rapunzel with her long and soft hair, Pocahontas, Tinker Bell and Alice In Wonderland!

With so many fantasy dolls to choose from, how could you ever run out of choices? All of these captivating ParadiseGalleries dolls are affordable and made of high quality materials, so what could be more perfect? Come now and start building your dream collection of fantasy dolls!