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Fake Babies that Look Real


Fake Babies that look real are widely collected by many people who want a realistic looking baby doll that they can adore, nurture and have as a companion by their side. Many of the dolls have weighed bodies for a realistic feeling body and can be made of various types of vinyl for the feel of lifelike skin.



Paradise Galleries is the best place for all doll lovers to find their hearts full of love and admiration, head over heels crazy in love with all the sweetness and cuteness of fake babies that look real! Get ready for an experience that you never expected would be so magical!


Another surprisingly realistic baby that will take your breath away is “Nischi”! If you love Asian babies, then she will for sure be the darling of your heart! With her exceptionally sweet eyes that seem to sparkle, radiant skin and raven black hair, she is something worth boasting about. “Nischi” is dressed prettily in her favorite fleece jacket with full pantaloon onesie complete with matching hat and baby booties that have satin ribbon flowers and tiny pink floral embroidery details!


This little cutie is looking for a playmate and he knows that he will find it in you! Open the doors to your home now and let this “Su-Lin” darling in a playful Panda costume. Her face has a mischievous wondering expression that only adds to his lifelike features!


These fake babies that look real now prove that even fake dolls can surpass the beauty of a real baby. So don’t worry because all you have to do now is choose your very own baby doll! Give some love and get one today!