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baby doll

A doll, originally a children’s toy, is a replica made to resemble humans. Dolls date back to the days when man’s primary material was stone; dolls are one of the earliest toys ever made. Being with man for such a long time, generations of dolls have also evolved along with us. Through the years, the development of the human race was mirrored by the dolls of the period as evidenced by the change in materials used, physical appearance and the clothes it wore. Dolls have been considered as, mainly, a child’s plaything.

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However, there is also the existence of traditional and religious dolls used in customary ceremonies of different cultures. In the mid-19th century, dolls were considered fashion icons and were made in likeness to teenage girls or adult women. The earliest fashion dolls ever made were the French bisque dolls. It is said that elite women of that era were in a race to own the latest doll wearing the design of the most famous fashion designers of the period – owning them made these women fashion forward. And then there are poppets - dolls that are made in certain likeness of a particular person used to perform magic for the person it was made for. This has been criticized by people because of its close link to voodoo dolls used in witchcraft but these dolls could also be used for healing and positive magic. Here at Paradise Galleries, we give you a certain kind of magic with dolls that will surely win your heart. As dolls are made to the likeness of man, each and every one of you will certainly find that you belong here with our multi-cultural dolls, baby dolls, fairies and angels – everything to suit YOUR taste!

We have baby dolls of all different types! Our artists try their best to make the most realistic and beautiful dolls for you – to give you the most magical feeling there could be. What’s more is that with our reborn baby dolls, one would get the actual feeling of holding a real baby in his or her arms. Other baby dolls even have adoption papers or birth certificates with them!

From small dolls we go to our bigger dolls from 18-inches and up. Everything about them is life-size from their height to the larger than life way that they would beautify a room and keep you mesmerized for a long time. Play with them all day and lose track of time as you get mesmerized by their charms.

Usually dolls are made in the image of the Caucasian race and there haven’t been many dolls from other cultures in the market before. But here at Paradise Galleries, the search is finally over! Each and every person in the world, no matter what race you belong to, will feel beautiful enough to find themselves in one of our multi-cultural dolls. We have dolls made in the likeness of all races. One could truly relate to them with their distinct eyes and styling from the clothes to the hair.

We also have dolls to suit the image and likeliness to our African American clients. Adults and children alike will find that they could actually connect with dolls such as our little Isabel in her different costumes and our fashion doll Destiny for fashion forward girls. We even have Baby Rihanna for the pop star in you!

Native Americans will definitely not be left out with our very own collection of Native American dolls. The dolls are unmistakable with their rich brown skin and elaborate Native American costumes that will surely bring color and life to your eyes. Native American dolls, from little princesses to the beautiful adult princesses, dressed in native wear just like Pocahontas – these dolls will make everyone feel the magic is in them.

Fashion dolls were all the rage in the mid-19th century but then again, who says they aren’t now? We have a wide array of fashion dolls in store for you – dolls with elegant gowns made in haute couture fashion, a doll with Coco Chanel on her, dolls in the likeness of different fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe, and fashion dolls for different occasions such as partying the night away and dolls with a rocker chic vibe. We also have fashionable bridal dolls, the most famous of course are our dolls made in the image of Prince William and Kate Middleton. They are made in such a way that when you place them in your room, you’d feel as though you’re actually with the couple – just look at Prince William’s smile and see for yourself!

Then there are the fairy dolls. While the child fairies will melt your heart with their tiny fluttering wings and cute faces, the adult fairies will blow you away with their natural beauty and stature and their beautiful elegant wings. These dolls will surely tap into your wonderful imagination.

There are fairy dolls and then there are angel dolls. From cherubs to full grown angels, the solemn beauty that these dolls portray is truly breathtaking. One of our cherubs, a sleeping angel called Heaven Sent will surely capture your heart and give you the magical feeling that only dolls can give – even with closed eyes.

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