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Dolls that Look Like Real Babies

Everyone loves babies, with their endearing perfect characteristics and effortless cuteness. Life, with all its ups and downs can now be so much brighter and happier with a baby nearby. Experience the joys of having a baby with dolls that look like real babies!

If you don’t believe that dolls can look like real babies and that they can make you as happy as a real baby, then come now to Paradise Galleries, the home of the most beautiful dolls that look like real babies. Let these dolls touch your heart today with their magically realistic looks and watch your life change with the arrival of a new baby doll!

One of the most favorite among our dolls that look like real babies is “Tall Dreams Ensemble”. This blooming baby surely has everything you need to feel the fun and warmth that comes along with having a baby. She has an irresistibly pretty face with her round, innocent eyes and chubby baby cheeks! She also comes with many fun accessories that will certainly make you feel like a real parent; a one piece outfit, a giraffe appliqued jacket, a hat, a pair of booties, a bib, a baby burpie, and a magic bottle that empties when tipped into her mouth!

We also have dolls that look like real babies that can prove to be as fun, if not, more fun than a real baby! A perfect baby for you is the adorably silly “Sock Monkey Business”, with his silly sock monkey printed one piece outfit complete with sock monkey hat and bib! He is sound asleep for now but he will make sure to hold your heart even if he as he sleeps.

Another adorably cute baby is “Hoot! Hoot!”. Good times never end with this cutie that will amuse you every hour of the day! Dressed in of striped jersey knit onesie, and “owl-some” hat he could just be the cutest owl anyone has ever seen!

Beauty and perfection are not the only things Paradise Galleries dolls that look like real babies have, but also great quality that surpasses that of any much higher- priced doll. So you can be sure that, while real babies grow up, these sweeties will stay by your side forever. Don’t wait, get your very own now!