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Dolls for Girls

Are you scratching your head for some sweet gift ideas for your very precious little girl? Have you already given her the same gift over and over? We know how little girls and even ladies love dolls so much! But finding unique and truly beautiful dolls for girls can be quite difficult, as almost all the dolls you see everywhere are just the same. If you are looking for very exquisitely beautiful dolls for girls, you do not have to look further, because the most remarkable dolls are just here, in Paradise Galleries!

With our great and fine collection of different dolls for girls, you will never run out of choices again! We also have dolls for any taste and style to suit any lucky girl! For sweet and caring little girls, we have the cutest baby dolls for girls, like our very own “Hugs and Kisses!” This little beauty is adorably costumed in a soft preemie size floral print one-piece plus a cute coordinating headband to adorn her hair. Her soft blond hair is amazingly hand rooted and she is a weighted baby as well. With her captivating blue eyes and innocent expression, she is surely one realistic baby doll. Hugs and Kisses is fully poseable, too, so playtime is guaranteed to be a lot of fun with this little beauty!

Why don’t you reward you soft hearted little girl with a doll that suits her? Check out our very own collection of pretty dolls for girls, the “Teen oriented” Tender Heart Girls. The collection consists of Sophia, a pretty little girl with a silky soft blonde hair, kind and gentle blue eyes and a pretty, blushing face! She is prettily dressed in light blue leggings with a ¾ length hot pink shirt that is topped off with a cropped denim jacket! The triple heart appliqué on the jacket lets us know that she’s definitely a Tender Heart Girl and will take loving care of her cute plush puppy pal. With her are Emma, a little brunette beauty dressed in denim jeans and an olive and lime green stripped shirt embroidered with an orange heart, Isabella, a black hair beauty in a hot pink top and Olivia, the cute Asian tender heart girl. All the girls come with their cute puppy palls. They are 18 inches tall.

We also have the “Tall Dreams Ensemble.” The little baby girl dressed in, jersey knit pastel pink floral print onesie and jacket also comes with many other things including a magic bottle, and her very cute plush pal friend! Playtime will be a big fun with this 9 piece ensemble.

Girls are different in so many ways that is why our dolls are inspired from different ideas and tastes so that they may suit any style and likings. There is surely the perfect one for your girl, only here at Paradise Galleries!

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