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Doll Accessories for 18 Inch Dolls


Are you looking for something new, fascinating and truly delightful to give to your little girl? If your beloved little girl is looking for something new to play with, some pretty girl dolls might be perfect for her! And for a much bigger fun, why not get some unique doll accessories for 18 inch dolls for her to play dress up with. With these fresh faced dolls she will not be able to resist having playtime much longer and with doll accessories for 18 inch dolls she will be able to express her own taste and style! No other doll is prettier and more fun than the Tender Heart Girls!

Here at Paradise Galleries you will find dolls of every kind to satisfy your heart and preferences. We have sweet little realistic baby dolls, fairy and princess dolls or fashion dolls. You can choose among hundreds of dolls in our different collections that will be sure to suit your taste. Among them is our very own, “Tween Oriented” Tender Heart Girls! These charming little ladies are more that ready to spread and share joy with their good dog pals and kind hearts! We also have truly stylish doll accessories for these 18 inch dolls for everyone to enjoy!

Sophia, a Tender Heart Girl is truly pretty with her smooth and shiny blonde hair that is just like silk, reddish lips, wide and round blue eyes and charming blush to complete her sweet innocent look. She is costumed in light blue leggings with a ¾ length hot pink shirt that is topped off with a cropped denim jacket! The triple heart appliqué on the jacket lets us know that she’s definitely a Tender Heart Girl. Sophia comes with a sweet puppy pal to accompany her in spreading more fun!

Other Tender Heart Girls are Olivia, a cute little girl with silky black hair and cute bangs, dressed in a denim wrap-around skirt complete with red leggings and paired with a jersey-knit top embroidered with a red-winged heart. We also have Isabella, another cute girl with adorable curly hair and wide brown eyes and dressed in pink striped shirt with a hot pink layered overlay complete with sparkly fabric heart appliqué that sets off her denim jeans perfectly. All girls come with their very own puppy pal friends.

The Tender Hearts Girls’ light and charming costumes can also be bought separately! There are also more costumes and accessories for them like a very impressive Dance Lesson Costume in pink, floral slumber party costume, and Dolly slumber party set! The Tender Heart Girls also have their very own regal Junior girl scout and Brownie costumes for more unforgettable times of dress up!

Nothing can be more perfect than a set of three Tender Heart Girls with such pretty faces and their fun different costumes! It is impossible not to delight any children with these great dolls, so what are you waiting for? Come and browse now and start collecting our pretty doll accessories for 18 inch dolls, only here at the true home of beautifully crafted and affordable dolls, Paradise Galleries.