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Dolls can melt anyone’s heart, brighten up any spirit or even inspire people. That is what cute dolls could dofor you! Cute dolls are not only great for displays and play time, but they can alsobe asource of warmth, happiness, joy and precious memories. Are you looking for such cute dollsto charm and delight you or any of your loved ones? If that is so, then you should look no further because you are in the most perfect place!

Paradise Galleries has been the leader when it comes to making the most adorable, charming and unique dolls in the market. You can also find here the widest and most unforgettable collection of every doll you can think of, from cute baby dolls, angel and fairy dolls, fashion dolls and so much more, you will never run out of doll choices again!

For a super cute gift idea, why not check our Panda Twins? “Panda Twin Girl”isa cute little baby girl outfitted in a striped one piece soft jersey knit outfit adorned with an appliqued panda. She’s the perfect preemie size with weighted body for a lifelike feel. Her soft black hair is adorably tied with a red silk ribbon. Let yourself be mesmerized with her innocent looking eyes that call out to you. And who could forget her equally cute twin baby boy? The “Panda Twin Boy”is costumed in a lively red striped once piece soft jersey knit outfit with a matching red bonnet to keep him warm and cute. The Panda twins can be sold separately, but there is a bonus! You can get their cuddly panda friend if you purchase both of these adorable twinstogether!

For a sweeter and more delightful play time, we also have “Hugs and Kisses” for you! Let yourself be stunned with this little cutie dressed in a really soft and adorable preemie size floral print one-piece. Hugs and Kisses is weighted for a more lifelike feel, with her truly realistic blue eyes and soft, beautiful blonde hair that is amazingly hand rooted. With poseable arms and legs, playtime is a lot sweeter and fun with Hugs and Kisses!

There is also the much beloved and popular “Nischi”. Nischi is one sweet little beauty with a gentle and tender face, soft raven black hair and expressive eyes. She is also dressed for Christmas! Check out Nischi’s First Christmas for one adorable gift idea.

All of the Paradise Galleries dolls are made of the highest quality materials sothey are not just cute but perfect as well, with their beauty, quality and affordable prices! Make someone happy now with Paradise Galleries cute dolls!

Browse our gallery today or call 1-800-673-6557 to place your order.


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