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Cute Baby Dolls

At Paradise Galleries, we have a vast collection of dolls, each unique in its own way. We have Reborn Dolls, Victorian Dolls, Fairy Dolls, Bride Dolls, Small Dolls, Big Dolls, and of course, really CUTE baby dolls. Yes, we know that cuteness is in the eye of the beholder. But once you see our vast doll collections, we are sure you will be satisfied.

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, and that doesn’t exclude cute baby dolls, as they captivate us by their small yet expressive eyes. A real, live babies eyes, as soon as it opens mirrors the new life inside it, the wonder and amazement the infant feels as it see the whole new world around it. This makes us smile and charms us all, of course, along with their chubby cheeks, small and delicate stature, cuddly nature and fat limbs that we can’t help but squeeze. A doll’s eyes may not have real life in them but they are charming and seem to draw you in. The Kitty A Go Go by Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick has this wonder in her eyes that makes you want to answer whatever she wants to ask. Strapped in her baby seat in her high pigtails, she could only use her eyes to convey her constant expression – totally adorable! The soft expression in the eyes and face of the Hugs and Kisses doll is also an absolute charmer and the Hippity Hop doll is completely endearing in her fluffy pink bunny outfit and an innocent. Though it is thoroughly fascinating to decipher the expression in each of the baby dolls’ eyes, you can find baby dolls in our collection with their eyes closed that are equally enchanting with their overflowing cuteness. Examples of these cute baby dolls are Baby Carly, Heaven Sent, My Snuggle Bunny, Baby Emma and the tiny baby doll in the relatively bigger Sleeping Time Basket Ensemble. And then again, who could resist the ultimate chubbiness of the Baby Cakes doll from the Bare Bottoms collection? This 3-inch little one will surely captivate your heart as he folds his puffy round bare legs and even blushes to fill our hearts to the brim with joy. And believe it or not, there is something even cuter about this little one, you can have him for only $9.99 – that’s 60% off the original price! Color your life with endearing joy and purchase one of our cute baby dolls now!

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