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collector dolls


Collector Dolls

Need those collectors dolls you have always dreamed of? Paradise Galleries is the number one retailer in the doll business. Not only do we have the largest selection of every doll you can imagine, we also have the best prices. However, our dolls are more than just collector's items: they're heirlooms that will enrich the future of someone you love. We have high quality vinyl and porcelain dolls that have exquisite features and intricate details that make them unique. The fine handmade craftsmanship of a Paradise doll is what makes them the most valuable on the market. For over 20 years, we have been collecting only the finest of dolls for our exclusive gallery. So, if you are in search of a doll that goes beyond a toy, we invite you to Paradise Galleries: the only home of the finest collectors dolls in the industry.

Paradise Galleries is proud to serve the doll community by providing the high quality craftsmanship that makes our dolls timeless treasures. Our artists are required to create dolls that must pass the highest standards in the industry. Each of our unique collectors dolls must be the essence of perfection in order to be included in our gallery. Our vinyl dolls are created using the Porcelain-look resilient Caressalyn™ Vinyl that is exclusive to Paradise Galleries. We also create vinyl dolls with the Gentle Touch™ Vinyl which makes each doll life-like and soft. Our Bisque Porcelain dolls are known for their perfect hand-crafted features and timeless beauty.

A Paradise doll is the best way to bring magic to that special doll collector in your life. Our collectors dolls are also a great way to pamper and reward yourself as well. Regardless of the purpose, the selection of a Paradise doll is an investment you must not pass by.

The artists at Paradise Galleries are the most talented and creative in the industry. Each of our dolls is painstakingly created with passion and perfectionism. A doll that passes our high standards is guaranteed to pass yours. This is why we are proud to offer the Paradise Promise'. This is our promise that each of our valued customers will be %100 delighted with their purchase or we will be happy to provide a refund. However, we know that you will be more than satisfied as soon as you first lay eyes on your Paradise doll. Visit our website today and explore Paradise Galleries.