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Want collector dolls with lasting value? When you pick any doll from Paradise Galleries you have found what you are looking for. Our products are more than just dolls; they are valuable heirlooms that will bring joy to many generations. We have fashion dolls, baby dolls, and real babies that are the highest of quality and are the epitome of creativity. Each handmade creation is a masterpiece and will stand the test of time. We use only the highest quality of bisque porcelain and our Gentle Touch™ Vinyl or our exclusive Porcelain-look resilient Caressalyn™ Vinyl is the best in the industry. We can always give the “Paradise Promise” that our collector dolls will meet your high standards and expectations.

Dolls are timeless and have brought fun and delight to cultures for centuries. Whether used as a toy or even a religious symbol, the doll is as ancient as history itself. The sculptors and designers at Paradise Galleries are so proud to join history and contribute to the future with the creation of each of their priceless dolls. Although dolls have been around forever, collector dolls are becoming more and popular. They are also becoming increasingly valuable. Paradise Galleries is proud to have served as the industry's finest provider of valuable collectible dolls. Our dolls are the finest, most exquisite creations on the market. Come look around our extensive gallery and see for yourself the high quality craftsmanship that everyone is talking about.

Not only does Paradise Galleries sell the highest quality of collector dolls available, we also sell the most unique doll accessories. Each of our dolls is dressed in clothes that are made of fine fabric and expert stitching. Each outfit is both intricate and adorable, and each fits the unique personality of each Paradise doll. Perhaps you are looking for cuties like Sweet Baby Olive Marie or a magnificent bride like Nicolette. Paradise Galleries guarantees that you will find much more than you bargained for when you search our gallery. Be prepared to be taken away to a sweet and restful place when you are choosing your personal Paradise doll.

Paradise Galleries not only offers the finest dolls, we also have the best customer service. Our customers are loyal and never turn anywhere else for their doll and doll product needs. We have great prices and frequent online deals. You just can't pass up high quality at such low prices. Call today!