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Searching for collectibles dolls, and doll accessories? Paradise Galleries should be your next and final stop. We have hundreds of doll products to choose from, and would love to help you find what you are looking for. We have dolls for boys, girls, and doll collectors. Our doll selection includes baby dolls, real babies, fashion dolls, Marie Osmond dolls, play dolls, and more. Our artists use the best Bisque Porcelain, Gentle Touchâ„¢ Vinyl, and our very own Porcelain-like Caressalynâ„¢ Vinyl. We choose to work with only the most talented artists in the doll industry to make our collectibles, dolls, and every doll accessory you can imagine. We have over 41 artists, each with their own unique creative style. These artists make each Paradise doll more than just a doll; they make each of their creations an heirloom that will last longer than a lifetime.

We operate out of Southern California where life happens fast. Living in this fast-paced region of the country has led us to realize how much peace dolls can bring. Dolls allow us to slow down and slip back in time. For over 20 years, Paradise Galleries has made it our mission to bring this bit of respite to each of our valued customers. Each of our artistic treasures is the perfect escape from the worries of everyday life. Whether you are looking for doll accessories, collectibles, or dolls, Paradise Galleries will have the widest selection at the most affordable prices.

Each Paradise doll is innovative and irresistible. Our artists painstakingly reproduce each of their creations according to their own high standards and ours. Each Paradise doll is required to pass a rigorous set of standards in order to guarantee that each of our dolls is world-class creations that will last forever. Our substantial amount of premier artists, meticulous standards, and dedication to quality make our gallery the best resource for quality collectibles, dolls, or doll accessories.

We warmly invite you to call today and speak to a fellow doll lover. Each of our customer care specialists has extensive knowledge of each doll in our gallery and would love to answer your questions. We have excellent shipping deals and an unbeatable Paradise Promise'. Pick out your Paradise doll today and put some joy in your heart and delight on the face of that special doll lover in your life. Paradise Galleries cannot wait to hear from you!