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Chinese Baby Dolls


Are you looking for an exceptional baby doll to grace your collection? Or a gift for someone that is much different from the usual dolls in the market? Then be certain that Paradise Galleries has everything from unique dolls, to realistic baby ones and even cultural dolls.

We are proud to present you the most outstanding collection of Chinese Baby Dolls you’ll ever find in the industry. We know how a Chinese doll is hard to find these days, let alone a Chinese baby doll, but Paradise Galleries has an excellent selection of these baby dolls that you will never find just anywhere. Browse our Asian baby dolls gallery and be amazed with how lifelike their faces are, with finely detailed clothing that will never fail to inspire. Their faces are the most realistic with the expressive eyes and sweet lips. Our dolls are made with the highest quality GentleTouch Vinyl and Cloth Body with the clothes that are always made of nothing but pure silk, brocade satin and other genuine and delicate materials with different accessories that accurately represent the rich Chinese culture.

We have different Chinese baby dolls, from modern babies to dolls with outfits inspired from ancient Chinese costumes like the cute I Heart Bai Yun and the beauties Mei Lin and Chun Mei complete with different accessories to go with each breathtaking outfits. If you are looking for a doll your kids will surely love then we also have our Chinese babies, from the most favorite, Nischi to the awe-inspiring Future Figure Skater baby doll. You will not be able to resist these cuties once you lay your eyes on them.

Our dolls do not only have the substance of beauty but the high quality as well. For over 20 years, Paradise Galleries has been bringing delightful and one of a kind dolls for collectors around the globe with our dolls that are hand crafted by the most devoted artists with the lifelike Gentle Touch Vinyl or our exclusive Porcelain-look resilient Caressalyn Vinyl. Be assured that you will be a proud owner of a one of a kind doll that you will be confident to boast.

We believe dolls are made not only to play with but also for the purpose of learning different lessons from. Our Chinese Baby Dolls are the best tool as well as they’re sweet, to introduce a new culture that is rich and fascinating to your growing and curious children. You will not only see bright smile painted on their faces but their minds growing and being aware of other culture’s beauty.

A Paradise Galleries Chinese baby doll is also perfect centerpiece for your doll collection and will surely attract many eyes for it is something hard to find and to die for, so what are you waiting for? Come and view our gallery now and help not be awed and inspired by our Chinese Baby Dolls that are not just irresistible but spectacular and touching as well.