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Black Dolls

black dolls

Searching for black dolls and other African American dolls? Paradise Galleries offers you the most adorable and lifelike black baby dolls and toddlers – the cutest and most popular Baby Kione, Going to Grandma’s, Cupcake and GiggleTime Baby. All of these dolls have been exquisitely handcrafted and meticulously hand painted with attention to details from their expressive brown eyes, beautiful soft black tendrils, vinyl head and limbs, cute faces and adorable little hands and feet.

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“Baby Kione” is the most popular black doll of Paradise Galleries. Everyone falls in love with her cute little face and dark coco skin that contrasts perfectly with her ivory ensemble. Her curly raven tendrils fall perfectly around her plump round cheeks and is wrapped gently with a white headband accented with a bow. Say hello to Grandma’s favourite girl! “Going to Grandma’s” is all ready for a weekend of fun with her favorite stuffed bunny and sleeping bag in tow! And who would not fall for “Cupcake”? She is certainly the icing on any cake with her adorable pigtails of little ringlets and half opened grin with her tongue playfully peeking out!

Besides our top selling black dolls, we also have other multicultural dolls such as our popular Asian dolls Baby Mei and Baby Su-Lin, Aponi – the Native American doll, Kodi, an Eskimo doll or our Heirloom dolls! Our collection of Heirloom dolls are a modern adaptation of timeless beauties like Little Red Riding Hood. They are made with old world craftsmanship in remarkable handcrafted details by world renowned Artists.

Paradise Galleries is the perfect place for doll collectors to shop. Our finely handcrafted creations are products of our dedicated doll designers and artists. Each doll is created with ingenuity and replicated with painstaking care. Our dolls are of high quality, that we offer collectors a 100% satisfaction-guarantee. We know that you will love our dolls just as much as all of our loyal customers do.

Therefore, if you need a perfect collectible black doll, shop from our gallery. We have many amazing creations to choose from that will guarantee smiles and warm memories when we deliver them to you. Visit our online gallery today and start shopping!


African American Baby Dolls

Black Doll

Black Baby Dolls

African American Doll