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black dolls


Black Dolls

Looking for black dolls and other multicultural dolls? We have plenty to choose from. Whether you are looking for Asian dolls, Hispanic dolls, African American dolls, or Native American dolls, we have what you are looking for. Our multicultural dolls come in all types. We have bisque porcelain dolls and dolls made of two types of quality vinyl. They also come in all types of categories such as Marie Osborn dolls, Kewpie dolls, fashion dolls, brides, angels, and fairies. We also have a multitude of doll accessories that are unique and fun for both doll collectors and children.

Black dolls can be hard to come by but Paradise Galleries has a huge collection. We have little darlings such as Destiny, Baby Kimberly, or our beautiful African American bride Ava. We have many other types of multicultural dolls including mysterious Kiki June or adventurous Pamela Columbia – 250. Just like all of our dolls, our multicultural dolls are finely made with exquisite and timeless qualities. A Paradise doll is a product that is required to pass a rigid set of standards in order to ensure their quality. In fact, they are so high quality that our dolls are known to be heirloom dolls. We guarantee that you will love our black dolls, Asian dolls, Hispanic dolls, and other ethnic dolls.

Paradise Galleries is the perfect place for doll collectors to shop. Our finely handcrafted creations are the products of the passion of our doll designers and artists. Each doll is created with ingenuity and replicated with painstaking care. Our dolls are so high quality, that we are able to offer our %100 satisfaction-guarantee. We know that you will love our dolls just as much as all of our loyal customers do. You will also love our large selection of rare dolls, such as black dolls, which are often hard to find.

So, if you need the perfect collectible doll or the perfect play doll, then you should come look at our gallery. You will be excited by what you find. We have so many amazing creations to choose from that there is no way that you will walk away with just one. But don’t worry all of our dolls are surprisingly affordable. We guarantee the delivery of smiles and warm memories when we deliver your Paradise doll. Visit our online gallery today, or we invite you to call and speak with a member of the Paradise customer care team today!


African American Baby Dolls

Black Doll

Black Baby Dolls

African American Doll