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black doll


Black Doll

Looking for a Black doll? Paradise Galleries has many of these hard-to-find collector items. Like all of our dolls, our African-American dolls are the highest quality products in the doll industry. We have hundreds of finely hand-created porcelain, vinyl, and resin dolls to choose from, and we guarantee you won’t be able to pick just one! In fact, our gallery is bursting with brides, fairies, angels, fashion dolls, baby dolls, and toy dolls. We have famous collector dolls with timeless value such as the Kewpie doll, the Marie Osmond doll, Penny Brite dolls and more. To add to this wide variety of dolls, we also have a large selection of real baby dolls that are waiting for you in our gallery.

Imagine a selection of dolls where a Black doll is just as easy to locate as a White doll. Dream no more; Paradise Galleries is such a place. Not only is our online gallery easy to navigate, we also have a substantial collection of those hard-to-find African American dolls you are looking for. Come peruse our selection and fall in love with beauties like Ava, Tyra, Isabella, and Destiny. We also have adorable black baby dolls such as our cute and cuddly Baby Kymberli or our heart-melting Birthday’s A Bloom. We have other multicultural dolls as well including mysterious Asian beauties from the Orient, Native American princesses, and Hispanic ethnic beauties. We also have very unique cultural dolls like Felcia-Poland, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Adoncia-Chile. As you can see Paradise Galleries is the number one supplier of any Black doll, White doll, Hispanic doll, or any other cultural doll.

Our gallery also has fun doll accessories, play sets, and figurines. Our products are created by famous doll artists including Marie Osmond, Kymberli Durden, and Silke Schloesser. However, no matter the artist who creates them, all Paradise dolls are collectible treasures designed to last a lifetime. Our dolls are so well made that we are able to offer our “Paradise Promise” which means that we will deliver 100% satisfaction with each Paradise doll we ship. A Paradise dolls are more than just toys or collector’s items; they’re heirlooms that will continue to make wonderful memories in the hearts of your loved ones for generations to come. The best part about our gallery is that we have those heirloom dolls that are difficult to find, such as that elusive Black doll, or Asian doll you are looking for.

Let your little girly dream high with our very own Tall Dreams Ensemble! Because little girls love having someone younger than them to take care of, Tall Dreams Ensemble is certainly perfect for them! A little cutie with silky soft brown hair and innocent looking brown eyes is dressed in an adorable a jersey knit pastel floral print onesie and a giraffe appliquéd jacket with a coordinating hat. Tall Dreams ensemble includes as well a pair of booties, a bib, a baby burpie and a magic baby bottle that empties magically when tipped in the baby’s mouth! We also have another ensemble which is Oh Baby Ensemble, an angel faced baby that is fully articulated with ten amazing points of articulation! This ensemble also includes magic baby bottle, a ilk bow, a pair of baby booties, a bib, 2 outfits and so many more so the girls’ playtime is guaranteed to be filled with big fun!

Paradise Galleries would love to help you find that special treasure that is waiting for you in our gallery. Call today!