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Dolls have become one of the greatest sources of joy for hundreds of years. With this in mind, we at Paradise Galleries exert our greatest effort in providing you great products such as BJD dolls that are exquisitely designed and complete with life-like features. BJD dolls stand for Ball Jointed Dolls, which means that they are designed to create several articulations and poses. We take pride in the wonderful customer reviews that we get from our customers who were greatly delighted with our beautiful dolls. The great feedback we continuously get inspires us to deliver you only the best dolls.

If you are fond of carrying babies and playing with them, then our “Bundle of Joy” baby doll might be the perfect doll for you! This is one of our precious BJD dolls that will surely bring joy to its lucky recipient. Amazing Full Vinyl Articulated Baby, “Bundle of Joy” was the FIRST EVER Ball Joint Baby Doll that Paradise Galleries created andwas carefully and artistically designed by Pat Moulton. With 10 points of articulation this full body, silky smooth vinyl "Bundle of Joy" baby doll can be posed to look just like a real baby! This baby is 18 inches from head to toe and comes with a complete set of two-piece outfits, diaper, hat and a lovely Paradise Galleries’ Nursery logo baby T-shirt. You will surely love to watch this beautiful baby as she peacefully sleeps. Also, this beautiful doll was awarded the Doll of the Year award in 2011 which only proves how adorable this doll is.

Another great piece from our BJD dolls collection is the “Oh Baby Ensemble” -another great craft from the creative ideas of Pat Moulton. This lovely fully-articulated doll is also made of smooth silky vinyl to mimic the gentle feel of a real baby’s skin. You will surely lose track of time once you started enjoying this beautiful doll. Try to look at its beautiful blue eyes and you will realize how real they look. Its gentle face is enhanced by its lovely dark brown hair. The doll is 18 inches from head to toe and comes complete with two outfits, soft fleece blanket, cuddle cap, bib, diaper, satin hair bow, baby booties, pacifier and a wonderful baby bottle that magically empties! This beautiful baby also comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and an exquisite collector’s box to go with your doll.

Paradise Galleries has been in the industry for almost two decades and is committed to making sure that our customers will be greatly satisfied with our dolls. Our articulated dolls are the result of our great effort in giving you real-looking dolls that you will surely love.