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Gone are the days when all you can do with your dolls is display them in your cabinet, with hands on their sides like soldiers or move their hands up and down. For a doll lover like you, you need a doll that is movable, playable, and a will be such a delight to have and to hold, a doll that exudes warmth with a touching expression on its eyes and a realistic body and face that can make you squeal in delight.

Paradise Galleries is proud to present you our newest ball jointed dolls. Now you can enjoy cradling, embracing or playing with a well made doll that feels and looks just like a real infant. Our ball jointed dolls are soft as a real baby because they are made of the highest quality Caressalyn Vinyl that feels so lifelike and still silky in texture. The ball jointed dolls are also weighted that it weighs just like a newborn baby.

Paradise Galleries ball jointed dolls are full vinyl articulated babies. They have ten points of articulations that allows them to hold any pose you can think of. You can hold them in so many different ways as well. Aside from soft skin and body; a Paradise ball jointed doll’s limbs are also so movable in any ways that anyone would surely find it an amusement to play with.

Ball jointed baby dolls are perfect for avid doll collectors. They are very well crafted and one of a kind with their faces in different charming and touching expressions. Each doll has gone through different and strict processes just to achieve their realistic and lifelike looks. They were as well painted to perfection to get those natural looking blush on their faces and their soft looking and sweet mouths that could make you want to kiss and cuddle with them.

Our ball jointed dolls can be enjoyed not only by collectors but by children as well. They come in different gadgets for your kids to play or tend them with. Paradise Galleries’ first ever ball jointed doll, 2011 Doll of the Year Award Winner, the Bundle Of Joy is sure to be a pleasure to have. Besides being a full vinyl, articulated baby doll, it is also dressed in a high quality and soft pastel pink, teddy bear print two-piece jersey knit newborn nursery outfit that moves and stretches with the doll. It is complete with complete with a diaper, two-piece jersey outfit, hat, Paradise Galleries' Nursery Logo baby T-Shirt, numbered Certificate of Authenticity and exquisite collector’s box. There is also our Oh Baby Ensemble which is full vinyl and articulated as well. It has soft hair and expressive blue eyes. The kids will surely enjoy this cutie that also comes with several baby gadgets like a cuddle cap, bottle that magically empties, pacifier and so much more!

What are you waiting for? Get one now and amaze everyone with your new and realistic baby that comes in a colorful outfit!


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