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Baby Dolls with Hair

Do you want your baby doll most realistic and lifelike in looks and feel? They may be so many baby dolls everywhere but most doll collectors or people looking for great dolls as gifts find it hard searching for a baby doll that is really lifelike in their every small feature from the eyes, hands, nose and finally their hair. A baby doll’s hair is one of its most important features because a doll’s hair, the appearance and quality of it can make or break the whole value of the doll. Therefore, in buying baby dolls, one should choose a doll with a high quality and well crafted hair.

May the baby doll’s hair be a wig or hand rooted, we all know that it should be silky soft and shiny or natural looking and it should be we crafted to so that it won’t fall too easily and can last for a long time. But there are so few dolls that have such hair but worry no more now because if you are looking with baby dolls with such realistic and durable hair, you have to look no further because we have them here in Paradise Galleries!

Many doll lovers and collectors know so well that when it comes to making high quality dolls with durable parts and features, only Paradise Galleries is the leading in the market. It is important to us to make our dolls so realistic so that they may give happiness and warmth to doll lovers. Every feature of our baby dolls is important to us and that is why we have our attention to the designs and quality of every parts of the baby dolls. A Paradise baby doll has a seemingly twinkling pair of eyes that are innocent as they are expressive. The nose and plump cheeks are very well sculpted and the lips soft looking but above all, we guarantee you that the hair of our every doll is durable and beautiful with its silky smoothness and shine.

Our baby dolls here at Paradise Galleries have high quality wigs so you do not have to worry about them falling off. We also have baby dolls with hand rooted hair such as the little beauty Hugs and Kisses and Ella Fun Ensemble!

Hugs and Kisses is a perfect portrait of beauty costumed in a pretty and comfy preemie size floral print one-piece with a matching pink silk bow to adorn her blonde hair. She has sweet and pretty features such as reddish lips and bright and round blue eyes. Her crowning glory, her hair is looking so natural with its softness and it is hand rooted so you will be more than delighted by this cutie! She is also a weighted baby.

The hair is like the baby dolls’ crown, one of the highlights. So go no further because you will only have baby dolls with exquisite hair here in Paradise Galleries! Call and talk to one of our doll experts today and get the baby of your dreams!