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19 inch Realistic & Lifelike Baby Doll, Happy Teddy, Baby Soft Vinyl
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  • 19 inch Realistic & Lifelike Baby Doll, Happy Teddy, Baby Soft Vinyl
  • 19 inch Realistic & Lifelike Baby Doll, Happy Teddy, Baby Soft Vinyl
  • 19 inch Realistic & Lifelike Baby Doll, Happy Teddy, Baby Soft Vinyl
  • 19 inch Realistic & Lifelike Baby Doll, Happy Teddy, Baby Soft Vinyl
  • 19 inch Realistic & Lifelike Baby Doll, Happy Teddy, Baby Soft Vinyl
  • 19 inch Realistic & Lifelike Baby Doll, Happy Teddy, Baby Soft Vinyl
  • 19 inch Realistic & Lifelike Baby Doll, Happy Teddy, Baby Soft Vinyl
  • 19 inch Realistic & Lifelike Baby Doll, Happy Teddy, Baby Soft Vinyl

Happy Teddy

by Michelle Fagan

Regular Price: $89.99

Special Price $76.47

49 reviews 0 5 4.8
SKU: 21002100
Happy is definitely the word to describe this realistic baby doll! “Happy Teddy” is here and everybody is amused and thrilled to see this baby doll that looks so real! With features like those of reborn baby dolls, she’s a wee bundle of joy, perfect in every cute little detail; from her round, chubby face that looks as healthy as an infant should. Perfect for children ages 3+!
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Happy is definitely the word to describe our realistic baby doll! “Happy Teddy” is here and everybody is amused and thrilled to see this baby doll that looks so real! Both young and old collectors are waiting to hold her and cuddle her. She's the most beautiful baby their eyes have ever seen and she fills them with love and adoration! With realistic features like reborn baby dolls, she’s a wee bundle of joy, perfect in every cute little detail; from her round, chubby face that looks as healthy as an infant should, her pretty little pout and of course her darling clear blue eyes.

She is truly a delight for your eyes and ears. “Happy Teddy” snuggles charmingly in her one piece costume with printed hearts! She is ready to serenade you with "Rock-a-Bye Baby" when you press the sound mechanism in her bib. Her weighted body nestles in your arms and snuggles closer than ever before!

“Happy Teddy” is lovingly handcrafted from our trademarked GentleTouch™ vinyl that captures the look and feel of your own baby, measures 19 inches from head to toe and comes with a weighted cloth body, accessories shown, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and an exquisite collector's box. So what are you waiting for? Get this little one now, because you know she’s here to stay! Perfect for children ages 3+!

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• Artist: Michelle Fagan
• Size: 19” Head to Toe
• Material: GentleTouch™ Vinyl
• Weighted Cloth Body for a "Real Baby" Feel
• 3/4 Vinyl Arms and Full Vinyl Legs
• Eye Color - Blue
• Eye Color - Blonde
• Hand painted details and hand applied eyelashes
• Comes with a Musical Chip in her bib that plays "Rock-a-Bye Baby"
• Posable
• Edition Size: Open
• Collectible doll, not for child play
• Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963 for ages 3+
The "Paradise Promise" guarantees your 100% satisfaction. We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase for your doll collection. We will gladly take it back within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. Our goal is not only to help you build your doll collection at an affordable price, but to give you a doll with lasting value and quality that will be yours to enjoy for years to come. Order your doll today with the confidence that you will receive a beautifully crafted doll that has passed our meticulous standards and yours.

49 Reviews For "Happy Teddy"

  1. Beautiful doll

    by Miranda on June 9, 2016


    Just got her last week. She is my first reborn and I just love her. She got here fast and is so cuddly. I'm 20 ahah!

  2. I love this doll!

    by David on March 28, 2016


    I am so happy to have purchased Happy Teddy. Such an adorable doll!

  3. Perfect Little Model for my Online Baby Boutique

    by Uta on February 18, 2016


    I purchased Happy Teddy to be a model for my online baby boutique and I am thrilled! The doll looks as cute in person as it does in the pictures and is the perfect size. It has the right mixture of looking realistic without the creepy look. She is beautiful!

    I am looking forward to adding some ethnic models to shop in the future. Thank you for a great prodcut and service.

  4. Lovely baby

    by Sharon on January 16, 2016


    This baby has lovely face. She has beautiful hair too. I am going to give her to my little sister. I like the fact that she's heavy like a real baby. I think she will love her, too.

  5. Love her!

    by Nicole on November 28, 2015


    I'm so excited for my daughter to get this baby for Christmas. She is going to love her! She has a little more hair than pictured and her skin is a little pinker but overall I would definitely recommend her!

  6. A little different, but great

    by rebornmommy on November 27, 2015


    This doll is excellent. I love her. She came in an adorable doll and comes with a onesie/sleeper thing and a bib, and little custom fit headband. I would totally recommend her. The only dissappointing thing is her hair coloring. Her hair did come in a beautiful color.But it was just a lot lighter.

  7. Love her!

    by Debra on January 2, 2015


    I love her. She is heavy just like a baby! She looks a little different than the picture but she is even cuter!

  8. I was so glad when I saw Happy Teddy.

    by Daisha W on December 6, 2014


    I was so glad when I saw Happy Teddy. She was so beautiful and done so beautifully. Thanks for the clothes and a beautiful first reborn baby and I hope I win a free reborn on your 31 doll in 31 days.

  9. Excellent!! Too Cute!!

    by Michelle on October 5, 2014


    My daughter absolutely loves her. She named her Shelby. She is so precious and so much better then the picture.

  10. I love this doll amazing doll - cute and adorable :)

    by goldendog13 on July 7, 2014


    Happy teddy is adorable, sweet, cuddly and cute. I recommend her to anyone. She does have a little bit more hair but that is not a problem. She looks cute when you brush her hair. I think she is so pretty and sweet. I received her and it was defiantly worth the money.

  11. I LOVE HER!

    by rebornlover152 on May 30, 2014


    I LOVE HER!!! She is a pleasure to have! If you have not gotten her yet, what are you waiting for?

  12. She is beautiful!

    by sunnyd0412 on January 15, 2014


    We love this baby and my 9 year old says "she is so adorable!"

  13. Ella

    by 628Gracie on December 1, 2013


    I got her and she is so cute and looks realistic!

  14. Happy teddy

    by kstroka on November 17, 2013


    This doll is very cute and was shipped quickly.

  15. Wonderful

    by peggy1 on September 10, 2013


    This little girl is the perfect addition to any loving family. Her beautiful face and her cute little button nose warm your heart the moment you have this precious little one in your arms. Great choice, great price!

  16. THE BEST YET!!!!

    by BabyLover on September 2, 2013


    Happy Teddy is the best yet!!! I sooooo recommend her to ANYONE!!! She is one of the best yet!!! You can't miss her!!! Her eyes are filled with kindness! Her face makes you want her so badly! Enjoy this little bundle of joy as soon as you can!!!! :)

  17. Lovely Baby

    by itszbits on June 9, 2013


    She is so real, feels and looks like a real baby. I love her to death. I was surprised when I got her. I treat her like my newborn. She is so soft as everything they said she would be. You will fall in love with her when you get her like I did....

  18. Picture cuter than doll in person.

    by swreden11 on June 7, 2013


    I am a collector and find this not really what I consider a collector's choice. My 9 year old granddaughter loves it and she holds it when she visits and I like watching her. I can see her loving nature and can guide her on taking care of a real live baby

  19. So cute. I love it.

    by kaylynn on May 9, 2013


    So cute. I love it.

  20. OMG so cute

    by myreborns321 on March 19, 2013


    She is cute and just plain adorable, lots of money but I would do anything for her.

  21. Happy little girl

    by Abrookel21 on March 16, 2013


    Cute doll! My daughter loves her! I personally think she is a little to plump and her head is a bit heavy!

  22. Happy Teddy

    by becky f on January 8, 2013


    My daughter recieved this for Christmas and loves it... She hasn't put her down since she opened her.

  23. So cute!!!

    by JJ123 on December 23, 2012


    When I received this baby, I couldn't believe it. It was the most beautiful baby ever. I loved the weighted body. It makes it feel like a real baby. My sister and I now play with her all the time. We made it a boy. But I like it even if it was a girl. Thank you Paradise Galleries!

  24. Happy

    by gabgen on November 9, 2012


    My daughter received Happy Teddy as her first Paradise Doll and absolutely loves her. Takes her everywhere she goes :)

  25. What does she really looks like?

    by tiffanylovesian on October 21, 2012


    Hey I am Shelby! I made a youtube video that shows what Happy Teddy really looks like! My youtube channel is Shelbys RebornVideos juts how I spelled it! Or if that doesn't work, type in Happy Teddy From Paradise galleries on search. THANKS, SHELBY :D

  26. Love this Doll !!

    by karenwibert on August 31, 2012


    Happy Teddy is ADORABLE! She is much cuter in person than in her picture! I bought her for my granddaughter and I can't wait to see her face when she opens her on Christmas :)

  27. She's so pretty and her hair is gorgeous!

    by marisol1234 on August 30, 2012


    She's so pretty and her hair is gorgeous!

  28. I Am Pleased With My Happy Teddy Doll. =)

    by frances05 on August 21, 2012


    I Recieved My Happy Teddy Doll yesterday.I Love her.She is just so darn cute.I have read the other reviews where it states that: she's over stuffed and she has more hair then the picture and her mouth is open more then in the picture.I would have to say t

  29. Happy Teddy Doll

    by DCR on August 7, 2012


    My oldest daughter received her as a gift from grandma. She is a very nice baby doll and she is really enjoying her! She loves that she can fit into some "real" baby clothes, too. She does look a little different from this picture but is still very pretty.

  30. my baby girl Carla

    by maddiedoll101 on July 16, 2012


    I loved this doll. I got this for my birthday yesterday. Her name is now Carla. She really looks real. She looks a little different from the picture. But I think it makes her even cuter. You will love it =D maddi

  31. Awww

    by shelby10years on July 13, 2012


    Aww! Hi I am 10. I Saved up and bought Happy Teddy with my money. I got her yesterday. If she's what you really really want then buy her! But, she does look different from her picture not a bad difference. Just that she has a lot more hair than in the picture.

  32. Youtube baby

    by Tiffany Havens Hough on July 13, 2012


    Hey! Happy Teddy looks different a lot different than her picture check out my youtube account to see what she really looks like. Here's my youtube account name Tiffin Hough.

  33. cute

    by gszpala on April 30, 2012


    It is so cute and it looks so real. I am amazed.

  34. Looks like Picture

    by jerica_monsterbuckhunter on February 22, 2012


    Very Sweet Baby! A friend even said she looks real!


    by 92c1a867 on January 12, 2012




    by DOVE_ROUSE on September 2, 2011



  37. My sweet baby!

    by sugartitans on May 29, 2011


    I've had her or a while now and I love her. She has that new baby face and she is blushed just right. I wish her cheeks were just a bit fatter as they are in the picture and had better hair. And yes she is over stuffed and under stuffed in some places but

  38. Very pleased!

    by crazyb1onde20 on March 19, 2011


    I just received this baby and I'm very pleased! She is the 2nd of 3 dolls that we have purchased in the past month. The only reason I didn't give her 5 stars is because she looks a little different from her online picture and her head is very wobbly.

  39. She is a blessing...

    by katlynrenee on March 16, 2011


    She is so cute and I wanted her so badly for Christmas and I finally got her and she is so beautiful and a blessing, I got her so much stuff like clothes and accessories. I recommend this doll. She doesn't look exactly like her picture but she is very gorgeous.

  40. Worth the Wait

    by b1aa9865 on March 5, 2011


    Happy Teddy arrived today! Although it took a while to get her, she is definitely worth the wait.Teddy is an ADORABLE baby! She looks slightly different from her picture. Her little face is so sweet, cute, and realistic looking. She has beautiful blue eyes.

  41. Paige's New Baby

    by jilla61 on January 12, 2011


    I purchased Happy Teddy for my Granddaughter for Christmas. She loves her. The quality of this doll is amazing. She looks just like her picture and feels like a real baby. I can't wait for Paige's birthday in July. I am already trying to pick out the one.

  42. Speechless

    by carrie.cook on December 16, 2010


    I don't even know what to say. I received my Happy Teddy doll today and I am beyond thrilled. She is absolutely beautiful. If I put her in a car seat, I think people would mistake her for a real infant. I can't wait to see my daughter's face on her birthday.


    by howes1974 on November 5, 2010


    All though she looks slightly different than her photo online, she is beautiful. Her body seems to be overstuffed in one area, and under-stuffed in other areas...but only because of the fact she is weighted. She was my first doll.

  44. She is adorable

    by cortney87 on September 8, 2010


    She is adorable

  45. Beautiful Doll

    by cmorales on August 31, 2010


    This is a very beautiful baby doll, the photos don't do justice.

  46. I would purchase Happy Teddy over Baby Grace

    by princess on July 26, 2010


    Hi Halley4455, I have Happy Teddy and she is really cute. Can't help to fall in love with this baby. Actually, she is even prettier in person than the one shown in the photo. Plus, Happy Teddy is 19 inches, more lifelike size. And above all, a very good quality

  47. Adorable!!!!!!!

    by BabyFaith on July 9, 2010


    I love this baby. She has taken over my life. My world revolves around her. I mean I spent over 20,000 dollars for clothes diapers, baby powder everything for this little sweetie. Amazing! GET THIS DOLL!

  48. Adorable!

    by d3395c63 on June 29, 2010


    She looks so real the first time I saw her I thought she was real. She's so adorable.

  49. Happy Teddy is darling!

    by on June 3, 2010


    This baby doll is so lifelike and sweet you cannot put her down. She is really quite amazing. Very cuddly. I love this doll!

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