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baby born doll


Baby Born Doll

Looking for a baby born doll? We have hundreds that will warm your heart. Paradise Galleries has the most scrupulous standards in the industry and we only use the most talented sculptors and designers. Our handmade dolls have exquisite qualities and fine craftsmanship that makes them more than just dolls; they're timeless heirlooms that will forever provide that special joy that only a Paradise doll can. We have countless types of dolls in our galleries including categories such as fashion dolls, play dolls, multi-cultural dolls, and many more. Our hand crafted porcelain dolls are the finest in the industry and are created with bisque porcelain. We have vinyl dolls crafted from the life-like and soft Gentle Touch vinyl or Caressalyn Vinyl. This type of vinyl mimics porcelain and is exclusive to Paradise Galleries. So, whether you are looking for a baby born doll or more, we have what you are looking for.

We have multicultural dolls that include categories such as Native American dolls and African American dolls. We also have reborn dolls and each baby born doll is breathtakingly realistic. These lifelike dolls have names such as Sleepy Frog, Hannah, and Lil' Policeman. These adorable names match adorable faces. We love our dolls and we guarantee that you will too.

Perhaps you are searching for a play doll, fashion doll, or a baby born doll that will light up your life. A Paradise doll is more than just a toy or a collector's item. Each of our dolls has timeless qualities that qualify them to be heirlooms.

Paradise Galleries has been operating out of Southern California for close to 20 years now. We are proud of our team of expert sculptors and designers and are passionate about our love for dolls. We want to make sure that every child and doll collector gets the chance to own their very own Paradise doll which is why we keep our price reasonable. No other company can offer such a priceless product at the prices that we can. The “Paradise Promise” guarantees that you will love your doll and will be completely satisfied with our services. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with our product then we will be happy to accept the product back and refund you the entire amount. However, we can guarantee that because a Paradise doll must pass a rigid set of requirements, you will undoubtedly be delighted by your purchase.


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