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Babies Dolls

They’re A for adorable, B for beautifully made and C for cute and cuddly! Babies dolls at Paradise Galleries are truly special with their expertly crafted features, soft skin and bodies, and pretty packaging. Each doll is created to be especially unique and exceedingly pretty – truly one of a kind. The distinctiveness of these babies dolls are such that each doll is made to seem full of life, enough so that anyone who looks at them will want to take the baby doll into his or her arms and cradle the doll like a real live baby. Aside from the expert craftsmanship, some of these dolls even have a weighted body that as one holds them; they might actually feel like they are holding the real thing! Examples of baby dolls with weighted bodies are the Hoot Hoot doll, Tall Dreams Ensemble, Baby Cuddlebug and the Hugs and Kisses doll. These dolls are even around the same size as real babies!

And yet the fun doesn’t stop there. Each of our baby dolls come with a small surprise of their own. Some, like the Hoot Hoot doll for example, come with their own plush toy. Others even come with, a whole box of treasures! The Tall Dreams Ensemble has his own giraffe plushy, a baby burpie, a bib and its complete set of clothing including the one piece outfit, a jacket, booties and a hat. Certain dolls are particularly special, not just because of the personal treasures they come but also their pretty boxes. One of these dolls is the Hugs and Kisses doll. This pretty baby doll’s hair was put in place by hand, “hand - rooted” to make it more realistic. A drop of water on the doll’s hair and voila! Style your baby doll’s hair as you would a real babies hair.

Some of our baby dolls even look the part because they are about the same size as an actual baby. But then again, with their cuteness and exuding charm, who could resist lifting one up to hold in his or her arms? Some of them may even come with their own birth certificate that you can actually name them as your own! Although with the variety of baby dolls at Paradise Galleries, you might have a difficult time choosing the right one for you because each and every doll is truly special. Own one and you’re life could be more fun today!