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Searching for Asian dolls? These types of multicultural dolls are difficult to find, but Paradise Galleries has plenty to choose from. All of our dolls are made with the highest quality of vinyl, porcelain, and resin on the market. Each doll is painstakingly created by the hands of the most talented doll artists, sculptors, and designers. Our dolls come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee which we call our “Paradise Promise”. However, we know, and all of our many customers know, that each Paradise doll brings nothing less than sheer delight to those lucky enough to receive them. Our African American dolls, Asian dolls, Hispanic dolls, and other multicultural dolls are exciting finds as are our fund collectibles and figurines. We have fashion dolls, play dolls, baby dolls, and collector dolls such as our fairies, angels, and brides. Don’t miss our large selection of Marie Osmond dolls, Kewpie dolls, Penny Brite doll, and Whispering Willow fairy dolls.

Multicultural dolls are hard to find, and Asian dolls are even more elusive. However our gallery is fully stocked with Asian beauties like Chica, Sakari, Aiko, Jin Bae, Nischi, and many more. We also have Native American dolls that are the finest in the industry. Raven Princess, Kokopelli Dancer, Silent Rainfall, and Morning Star represent just a few of these beauties. Our gallery also includes African American dolls, Hispanic dolls, and unique dolls such as Canadian Maple Leaf, Adoncia-Chile, Amaro-Bolivia, and Nadia-Slovakia. As you can see, we have plenty of Asian dolls and other multicultural dolls to choose from, and they are all unique beauties of the highest quality.

Paradise Galleries has been combating the frenzies of this fast-paced world with the wonders of dolls for nearly 20 years now. We are fascinated by the timeless qualities of dolls. Did you know that dolls have played important roles in societies that date back to the ancient Egyptian era? Paradise Galleries is well aware of the importance of dolls and the unique roles they play in our modern society and we anticipate they will only grow in popularity and value. This is why we insist on selling only the products that are guaranteed to last beyond a lifetime. We don’t sell just ordinary dolls; we sell keepsake heirloom dolls.

Visit our gallery today and be prepared for the overwhelming delight you will feel when presented with our wide selection of irresistible faces. All of our dolls are accented with adorable garments and doll accessories. We know you will not be able to tear yourself away from the gallery, so be prepared to get lost in the wonder of the world of dolls.


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