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Asian Baby Doll

Searching for an Asian baby doll? Or perhaps a Native American doll or Hispanic doll? Multicultural dolls can be difficult to find, but Paradise Galleries has an abundant selection of these rare beauties. Like all of our dolls, our multicultural dolls carry the stamp of quality and perfection that only a Paradise doll can. However, what makes these multicultural dolls different is the fact that they capture the unique beauty of the culture that each doll represents. Thus, an Asian baby doll, or even our adorable Canadian Maple Leaf doll, is the perfect choices to please any avid doll collector.

Paradise Galleries has that Hispanic doll you are looking for. We have Hispanic choices like Feliz Quinceanera, Cheyenne, and Pamela Columbia. We also have the perfect Asian baby doll (or dolls!) for you. You will not be able to resist Oriental beauties like Mei Lin, Sakari, Aiko, Chico, Jada, Jin Bae, and others. Perhaps you are looking for Native American dolls? If so, visit our gallery and you’ll be delighted to discover Morning Star, Kokopelli Dancer, Naibi, and Raven Princess. African American beauties like Ava, Destiny, and Tyra are also waiting for you in our gallery. Visit the Paradise gallery today at and see our impressive selection of multicultural dolls for yourself.

Not only are we the number one supplier of every type of Native American, African American, Hispanic, or Asian baby doll you can imagine, we also have the widest selection of play dolls, fashion dolls, baby dolls, figurines, doll accessories, fairies, angels, brides, and more! We have both unique dolls made by talented independent artists, as well as famous brands like Whispering Willow, Penny Brite, Marie Osmond, and Kewpie. No matter what doll or doll product you order, it automatically comes with our 100% satisfaction-guarantee which we call our Paradise Promise. However, we know that there is no chance that you will be any less than 100% overjoyed when you unwrap your Paradise order.

A Paradise doll is a true example of heirloom quality. Paradise Galleries is well aware of the important role that dolls play in so many lives, and we are determined to make that joy last for generations. This is why we maintain the highest acceptance standards in the industry; we want to ensure that your Paradise doll, along with the smile, joy, and memories it brings, will last for lifetimes and beyond. Dolls have brought such delight for centuries, and we have made it our mission for the last 20 years to extend this delight to the rest of the globe in order to carry on the doll tradition.

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