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Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind doll to add to your collection? One that is unique, graceful and just divine? If that is so, Angel dolls might be the one you are looking for!Whether you are just starting your own doll collection, searching for some gifts for your loved ones, or just hunting for the most divine doll to grace your collection to make it perfect, we assure you that Angel dolls are the right ones to get!

Paradise Galleries is known for our high quality, charming, dainty and irresistible dolls and most of all our selection of dolls that is the widest and the most delightful you will ever see. Come now and browse our gallery of dolls and be drowned in the divine beauty of our gentle faced angel dolls. We have a large collection so we can assure you that you will surely find your perfect Angel here.

Each one of the dolls are beautifully crafted with faces painted and sculpted to a heavenly perfection with those seemingly twinkling round eyes, plump and soft looking cheeks, sweet, glossy and small lips and their silky soft hair. They were colored perfectly with the healthy glow of an infant and the sweet and pretty blush on each cheek. Clad in their unique, gorgeous and heavenly ensemble in light colors, they were sights to behold, just like angels fallen from heaven.

Dressed in her simple and neat soft white cotton dress with puffy sleeves and white lace detailing, “Heaven Sent” angel baby doll is one sweet baby to grace your collection. Her perfect baby haircut is accented with a sheer organza and beaded hair bow adding more heavenly beauty to her aura. She is peacefully sleeping with her head resting on her hands while her good, divinely white angel wings are gently resting gently on her back. Her face might be the most delicate and tender face you will ever see.

There is also our “Faith Angel.”She is a blonde beauty costumed in a puffy sleeved creamed dress with lots of frills and marabou feather wings. She will surely add a delightful and divine air to your collection. With her fair face, round blue eyes and plump, little lips, her face truly exudes innocence and purity. You could also try “Adora Belle My Angel,” a truly charming doll by Marie Osmond. She is dressed in a stunning light blue floor length gown trimmed in gold with gold stars and has a gold bow around the waist and coordinating hair bows and her light blonde, curly hair is in an elegant and pretty updo topped off with a golden headband with a ribbon while her blue and white wings are dainty on her back.

Angel dolls are no doubt, essential in a collection, for they do not only give a light and heavenly air but also reminds us that goodness still exists. So what are you waiting for? Come and get your gentle angel doll now! Browse our website or call 1-800-673-6557 to place your order.