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American Dolls for Sale

Are you looking for some great American dolls for sale? There might be American dolls almost everywhere, but do you know where to find the one that is stylish, gorgeous, well crafted with a very high quality but really affordable? Finding the perfect American dolls for sale might prove to be a difficult task, but consider this task solved, because Paradise Galleries can help you. By browsing through our gallery of dolls, you will be amazed by the incomparable beauties of our American dolls. We have a very wide selection and you will likely find it difficult to choose.

We have American dolls for sale in many different types and styles. There are lovely Tender Heart girls with their thoughtful and sweet expressions, long silky hair, gentle faces with those round doe-like eyes, sweet looking lips, casual and nice girly outfits and their pet puppies. They are colored and sculpted to perfection to achieve the warm and healthy look in their skin and faces. Sophia, a blonde beauty and Emma a brunette cutie along with Isabelle and Olivia are ready to play with their loving white puppies! We have as well different outfits for you to dress up the Tender Heart girls with.

We also have The Starlet Collection, an elegant doll that comes with three different remarkable outfits that we have seen in the glamorous old Hollywood including a white polyblend halter dress with pin pleating and highlighted with long white evening gloves and high heels, Awards Ceremony, a stunning clingy black evening gown, wrap, a faux pearl necklace, black gloves and pumps andHollywood Glamour, a gold sleeveless turtle neck dress, leopard print coat and black go-go boots. Or if you are feeling groovy, why not try getting The Groovy Collection? A fabulous tribute to the rebellious but still stylish and colorful sixties, a blonde beauty is dressed in three different costumes that include "Flower Power", a far out polyester mini-dress complete with matching hair scarf and knee high white go-go boots, “MOD” Is straight from the swinging boutiques in London, a lipstick pink metallic knit mini-dress with pink fishnet stockings and pumps and "Paisley", a wearing a hip two-piece brown faux suede cape and bell bottom pants accented with a paisley orange sleeveless shirt, gold ring belt and brown boots.

Paradise Galleries is known for our dolls that are not only with such charming and beautiful faces, exquisite detailing of costumes and realistic expressions of the dolls but for the very affordable price with the quality of a much priced doll as well so you can be assured that what you are getting here is worthy and will last long. So come now and talk to our experts or browse our gallery and find the perfect one for you!