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american doll


American Doll

American doll shopping? Paradise Galleries is the perfect place to find one. We have hundreds of high quality hand-made dolls that capture the beauty of the American Dream. Inspired by things such as love, friendships, family, and the delights of everyday life, our dolls will bring a touch of joy to any child or doll collector. For nearly 20 years, sculptors and designers from across the globe have poured their hearts and their passion into each individual Paradise doll. All of our handmade dolls are exquisite with irresistible porcelain or vinyl faces, and expertly stitched garments. We have the ideal American doll or multi-cultural doll that you need. Our fairies, angels, babies, and brides are also the perfect gift for any special occasion.

Children light up as soon as they lay eyes on one of our dolls. Each of our dolls has a unique personality and fun accessories that will bring endless hours of amusement to any girl or boy. Once you see the fine and timeless craftsmanship that characterizes each of our dolls, you will also fall in love. There is simply nothing more heart-warming than a flawless, timeless, and priceless doll. We have a wide selection of these perfect creations including life-like babies, play dolls, porcelain dolls, vinyl dolls, collectibles, and hundreds of doll accessories. With so many choices we guarantee that you will not be able to pick just one! There is nothing that says I love you' like a true American doll; there is nothing that will last more than a lifetime like a Paradise doll.

Paradise Galleries has hundreds of multi-cultural dolls, gorgeous brides, Mary Osmond dolls, or realistic babies in stock waiting for you. We promise satisfaction and our vast amount of fiercely loyal customers are proof that we deliver on this promise. There is no other American doll company in the industry that can match our perfection, passion, and exemplary customer service. We are the leaders in the industry and our award-winning dolls set the standard for other companies to follow.

We invite you to call (800) 67-DOLLS today to talk to a fellow doll lover about finding the perfect doll for you, your child, or that special doll collector in your life. We are proud of our “Paradise Promise” that guarantees %100 satisfaction to each of our customers. Our dolls have to pass the most meticulous standards so we can ensure that your doll will far surpass even your highest expectation!